Update your ‘Amazon Echo Buds’ to prevent overheating

Amazon’s Echo Buds just got a significant software update that prevents an overheating issue and drags out their battery life. Be that as it may, you’ll need to bring a little fortitude to install the update in any case, as your Echo Buds could overheat as a feature of the procedure.

In an email to Echo Buds proprietors, Amazon says the overheating just happens in uncommon examples while the headphones are in the charging case.

Amazon hasn’t unveiled the specific reason behind the issue, yet it’s hazardous enough that the organization is asking all Echo Bud proprietors to introduce the form 318119151 software update at the earliest opportunity. Nonetheless, the update procedure requires the Echo Buds to be connected to the charging case for 15-30 minutes or moreā€”the exact conditions that have some of the time brought about overheating in any case.

Fortunately, the software updates happen naturally, so it’s conceivable you’re now free on the off chance that you’ve as of late charged your Echo Buds. You can affirm your Echo Buds’ product form in the Alexa application. Open the application, tap the “Devices” tab, at that point go to All Devices > Echo Buds.

In the event that the product software is 318119151 or higher, you don’t have anything to stress over. In the event that it’s a more seasoned rendition, in any case, you have to refresh the Echo Buds immediately.

Instructions to update your Amazon Echo Buds

While Amazon says the overheating issue is “very rare,” it’s as yet a chance on Echo Buds with obsolete programming.

Watch out for them while playing out the update; on the off chance that anything looks, feels or scents hot, prematurely end the procedures quickly and contact Amazon support for additional assistance.

Before you begin, your charging case and Echo Buds will both need to have a battery charge over 30 percent, and the Echo Buds need to remain inside 25 feet of your phone for the term of the update procedure.

Turn on your Amazon Echo Buds and interface them to your cell phone or tablet through Bluetooth.

Open the Alexa application on your gadget and ensure the Echo Buds appear in the “Devices” tab.

Put the Echo Buds in their charging case and close the top.

The Echo Buds ought to consequently update inside the next thirty minutes.