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Leading Sports Brand Wooter Apparel Begins Accepting Dogecoin

Sports apparel brand leads the way in offering athletes and teams a new way to purchase custom made athletic jerseys, uniforms, and gear for all seasons

NY, United States, 9th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE When Wooter launched in June 2014 in Staten Island, New York, the upstart customized athletic apparel company envisioned growing the brand well-beyond the borough and becoming a go-to name in the global market by working directly with sports teams and athletes around the world.

Thanks for the opportunity to design and create unique and premium customized athletic apparel outfitted by the likes of legendary boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, hip-hop icons Master P and Snoop Dogg, NFL greats Chad “Ochocino” Johnson and Terrell Owens, NBA alums Al Harrington, Smush Parker, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes among others, the Wooter “infinity” logo has emerged as one of the most recognizable sports brands worn by youth, ametuer, college, semi-pro, and professional teams and athletes in sports today. 

Seven years later, Wooter and Wooter Apparel are now taking the brand “to the moon”.

Weeks after CEO Alex Aleksandrovski announced CovCare — the one-stop-shop for all medical supplies and PPE items — has started accepting Dogecoin, Wooter Apparel is following up on this breaking news by officially announcing parent company Wooter has joined a number of companies to accept Dogecoin as an alternative form of online payment. The cryptocurrency announcement comes on the heels of CovCare surpassing over 100,000 PPE orders placed alone in 2020, with CovCare expected to make an even greater impact on the global market in 2021.

After rising from a popular meme in 2013, Dogecoin has transitioned from being used to tip and reward quality content providers on Twitter and Reddit. Over the past eight years, Dogecoin has soared from a  “joke” cryptocurrency to receiving a massive following and becoming a coin accepted by companies and merchants around the world. Along with CovCare, Wooter and Wooter Apparel joins a growing list of companies that accept Dogecoin including, Ninja Game Keys, Box Real Estate, Stake Box, Daytona Nissan, and AiryTea just to name a few businesses. According to Accepted Here, a regularly updated database of online and offline businesses accepting cryptocurrency from all over the world, 120 companies and businesses are listed as accepting Dogecoin with more being added daily.

With Dogecoin a cheaper option to transact beyond credit cards and banks, Wooter Apparel is once again staying ahead of the game as it has past experience with cryptocurrency. In 2015, Wooter made headlines by becoming the first sports apparel company to accept Bitcoin payments and also teamed-up with Coinbase to offer customers a $10 promotional BTC for signing-up with the digital currency exchange company.

Wooter now believes crypto and blockchain technology can help facilitate global payments, and that news couldn’t come at a better time as sports starts to “open back up” on a local, regional, national, and international level. When athletes and teams get ready to step on the field and court this season and compete, expect them to be wearing customized jerseys, uniforms, and gear from Wooter Apparel.

Media Contacts

Name – Alex Aleksandrovski

Email –

Company – CovCare

Address – 727 Page Avenue, Staten Island, NY. 10309

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After DeFi, Matrix has set off another hot spot in the industry, and NFT encrypted games are coming!

The birth of Bitcoin introduced concepts such as trustlessness and digital scarcity. Before that, the cost of copying in the digital world was almost zero. With the advent of blockchain technology, programmable digital scarcity has become possible, and it is now being used to map the digital world to the real world. The DeFi ecosystem continues to lead the industry, and interest in NFTs has also increased.

The uniqueness and scarcity of NFT make it very suitable for marking the ownership of assets in the blockchain, and truly realize the connection between digital assets and real assets in the virtual world. For example, Non-fungible tokens (NFT) can now be used as encrypted tokens. Same as other cryptocurrencies’ homogenization (indistinguishable and fungible), each Non-fungible tokens is unique.

NFT is an important part of the new digital economy based on blockchain. At present, many projects are testing the practicality of NFT. The content includes games, digital identities, licenses, certificates, and art, and they also represent partial ownership of certain high-value items. It is understandable that the latest craze in the encryption field is changing the way we buy and sell goods in the digital field.

2020 is also a milestone for the gaming industry. During the epidemic, the blockade measures of countries around the world have to some extent pressed the accelerator key for the development of the gaming market. According to the “Global Game Market Report 2020” released by Newzoo, the annual revenue of the global gaming market in 2020 is 159.3 billion dollars, increase of 9.3% respectly, and annual revenue is expected to exceed 200 billion dollars by 2023.

The broad market prospects of the game industry also encourage the development of blockchain game projects, especially NFT (Non-fungible tokens) that makes the items in the game world become unique assets and belong to the individual players. With the continuous optimization of NFT-related technologies and protocols and the rise of DeFi projects, which provide a more convenient trading platform for NFT, the NFT gaming market is gradually heating up. In this context, the smart encryption game platform Matrix came into being.

Matrix was founded by Anton Romanov, a veteran Russian blockchain practitioner and investor, and built by the world’s top geek game team. Matrix is ​​the first batch of gaming DAPP applications released on the OKExChain. MAT relies on the special attributes of the blockchain NFT to build a leading intelligent, highly reliable, and circulated super encrypted ecosystem in the gaming industry.

The Matrix project is an in-depth cooperation partner of the Blockchain Innovation Institute and major mainstream financial institutions. It has cooperated with Vietnam’s most advanced DeFi application platform UBU Finance, Australia’s horse racing and entertainment industry leader CLARE PARK, and Singapore’s unique and innovative Wealth management company Provided, Switzerland’s Grow Bank, which is compatible with traditional and digital assets, and Russian-speaking digital asset payment platform AXIS COINS have reached a unified strategic alliance and are committed to becoming a value router in the field of blockchain encrypted games.

Compared with other NFT projects on the market, Matrix has four outstanding advantages: players really own game assets; game data can be stored permanently and safely; game open source development; decentralization. What Matrix wants to build is a game Platform + NFT + Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) + DeFi + Super territory of ecological derivatives.

Nowadays, the blockchain industry is rapidly moving towards the next wave of growth-NFT DAPP. The encrypted game industry has begun to show its real potential. Matrix will work with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The organic combination of concepts makes the NFT ecosystem more prosperous.

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The success of a business depends on the performance driven SEO services

New Delhi, India, 9th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRESearch engine optimization is an important factor that makes any website visible on an online platform. SEO works on keyword phrases and PPC information, keywords, phrases depends on particular analytics, and on the other hand PPC information is hard to derive. When you hire an expert Search engine optimization Agency then you can trust the Strategic content driven SEO and Inbound Marketing Process. You must hire a seospidy web solution SEO Services Company because they have the knowledge and information about new and updated technology. Seospidy employ employees who are well versed with the changing trend in Digital Media Platform so that they can provide better services.

Best SEO service provider

SEO providers at seospidy possess expertise in the field that helps them to create the best possible services for the client. The SEO services in Delhi also take care of the web development process as well and once you hire a renowned company you need not worry about any future contingencies because SEO providers gather all the information which is required for the troubleshooting of the problem. 

You must hire an SEO service provider in Delhi who can help you with new technology developments and provides you with check the crawling routines on your website. These providers will help your website to increase the page ranking of the website.

SEO work starts with creating a business web page vibrant and lively to attract customers then you need to market your webpage on various social network sites so that target customers get information about your product and services. You need to target the market with the right sets of keywords phrases and expert SEO services in Delhi provide you these keywords to get maximum profit for your business.

Get a complete solution in terms of promoting your business

SEO services are one thing that most defiantly helps you to get business profit along with the popularity of your services and products. These service providers take care of everything from designing the website, developing it at an online platform, and finally maintain it, for the success of the business enterprise.  

SEO company in South Delhi offer seo services include creative resources like for photography, retouching & illustration portfolios, cutting edge marketing tools, industry contacts. With the help of SEO services you can enjoy creating harmonious relations with your customers and can build good relations, which is very much important in business. 

Seospidy  helps you in advertising your work and reach to prospective clients. To hire competent SEO providers is important as creating a website that reflects your business and ensures that whatever you claimed on the website you are living up to it and your prospective clients can judge you and your promises easily.

Watch Youtube Video SEOSPIDY: Click Here


Business advertising needs unique and new ideas for maximum profit. They have expertise in the field and therefore able to provide you keyword sets that searched the most. The keywords must relate to your product and services to increase the crawling to the website. 

Contact Details

Office:1816 First Floor, Uday Chand Marg, South Extension 1, New Delhi India

Mob: 9873800494

Website: Click Here

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ALL-NEW ‘Mikara Reid presents: in the limelight’ series PREMIERES MONDAY, MARCH 8th ON YOUTUBE

NEWARK, NJ, 9th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE Mikara Reid announced today an all-new episode of “in the limelight:” line-up of independent fashion designers to premiere Monday, March 8 on YouTube, featuring Mikara Reid as she hosts playful yet insightful interviews with unconventional designers you should have on your radar. The first episode we had Toronto-based designer, Naa-Adei Laura Marmon of NLM Garment (2/27); Virginia-based designer Geoffrey Owens of ZOOONEK (3/8); Atlanta-based designer Amari Monee (3/15); Brooklyn-based designer Lenese Calleea of Calleea Vatein (3/22).

Each episode has four segments where we get to know the brand, their journey into the fashion industry and a preview of the collection or product. Geoffry Owens of ZOOONEK gives Mikara an exclusive show on a look that was supposed to be in the New York Fashion Week show but didn’t make the cut. This episode is premiering Monday, March 8th at 1 PM EST via YouTube.

Below are “in the limelight:” designer’s descriptions:

in the limelight: NLM Garments

Mikara Reid talks to Naa-Adei Laura Marmon about her presentation at Flying Solo NY NYFW 2021, behind the scenes, what she would put Mikara in from her collection and a fashion show.

Air date: February 27 at 6 PM EST on YouTube

Click Here for YouTube Video

in the limelight: ZOOONEK

Mikara Reid talks to Geoffrey Owens about his presentation at Flying Solo NY NYFW 2021, behind the scenes, what he would put Mikara in from his collection and a fashion show with a first look of an outfit that did not make it to NYFW.

Air date: March 8 at 1 PM EST on YouTube

Click Here – to preview the episode before the masses for an article please email for inquiry

in the limelight: Amari Monee

Mikara Reid talks to Amari Washington about her presentation at Flying Solo NY NYFW 2021, going to fashion school, behind the scenes, what she would put Mikara in from her collection and an up close and personal look at a garment shown at NYFW 2021.

Air date: March 15 at 1 PM EST on YouTube

Click Here – to preview the episode before the masses for an article please email for inquiry

in the limelight: Calleea Vatein

Mikara Reid talks to Lenese Calleea about joining forces, their workshop Building Your Fashion Brand, the brand Calleea Vatein and how she came about her signature pieces.

Air date: March 22 at 1 PM EST on YouTube

About in the limelight

“in the limelight:” is a series where Mikara provides a platform for independent fashion designers to showcase their talents, give their perspective in the fashion industry and an introduction to who you should keep your eyes on. 

About Mikara Reid

Mikara Reid has become the thread between independent fashion designers and women entrepreneurs who appreciate wearable yet refreshing fashion. With 15+ in the fashion industry, 

Mikara has worked with a number of well-known brands, magazines, and individuals in the fashion world, such as Louis Vuitton, BRAVO’s Project Runway, The RealReal and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY. She is the founder and stylist of MIIEN Consultancy, a fashion styling agency in Newark, NJ, content creator of Mikara Reid YouTube Channel and Strategic Brand Consultant for independent fashion labels who need a roadmap to go from creative to sales.  She is also an active member of the International Association of Women, and National Association of Female Executives.

You can also check out Mikara Reid’s website at MikaraReid

To learn more about Mikara Reid, or to schedule an interview please email You can also check out Mikara Reid’s website at MikaraReid.

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Dubai-Based Almundy Real Estate Racing Ahead Of Competitors In Luxury Residential and Commercial Projects

Luxury real estate is an exclusive branch of specialization. From construction to lavish property development, Almundy Real Estate has come a long way. 

Dubai, 9th March 2021, ZEXPRWIREAlmundy Real Estate, a Dubai-based luxury real estate property company, has been constructing and developing affluent projects, all of which have become the talk of the town for good reasons. 

The firm’s niche fields are construction and property development. They get many clients approaching them to help them find their dream homes. 

From visualization to understanding the client’s ultimate desires in design and concept, the representatives take great steps to make luxury homes a fascinating work of art. Their team of artists will try to create stylish designs based on the choices client’s make.

The hospitality sector in Dubai is thriving, and especially the Jumeirah village and the neighborhood have become hubs for the latest designs. Tall and stunning properties thrive here and become the pride of the city in their styles and functionality. 

The firm has had a fair share of experiences in designing luxury commercial and residential projects. It has made the firm a top choice. Their projects La Residence and dreamy Villanova La Rosa are the most preferred by the Who’s Who in Dubai. Their proximity to the Jumeirah Village or the Dubai Expo 2020 location has made it the best choice. 

Luxury homes and offices should be glorious and a mirror of the residents’ social image and status. Whether it is the condos or the residential properties, the firm has made an impression in constructing and developing iconic landmarks in Dubai. 

About the Company: Almundy Real Estate has been working with creative inputs and a team of engineers and architects while creating landmarks. They have set up some of the most memorable spots for luxury living and business in Dubai. For more details, please visit – Almundy Realestate

Media Contact


5asec UAE, Burj Residences Tower,

9 Emaar Blvd, Downtown Dubai

Contact Person: Angela R. Hasse (New Business Manager)

Call: +9 551 253 23 21  


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Pittsburgh Professional and soccer dad aims to improve youth soccer shooting accuracy with introduction of unique FUTBOLSHOTZ(TM) “Coach in a bag” teaching device

PITTSBURGH, PA, 9th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – He’s an award-winning screenwriter, a popular stand up comedian and a creative advisor whose work has appeared on Broadway. He’s also a Pittsburgh native and resident who has spent years volunteering as a youth soccer coach, helping his children and many others refine their playing techniques and win games. 

This month, he added inventor to his resume. Matt Wohlfarth, a native of Brookline and resident of Moon Township, started November by introducing FUTBOLSHOTZ (TM), a device he designed to help young soccer players improve their scoring percentage by helping them make more accurate shots on goal. 

“It’s pandemic-friendly,” said Wohlfarth, who developed the unique, patent-pending product after numerous schools and athletic organizations began curtailing or canceling soccer games and practice sessions. “My objective was, and is, to help young athletes continue to sharpen their skills in a fun way.” 

The product, which is sold as a set of four targets and is shipped in a free carrying bag emblazoned with the FUTBOLSHOTZ(TM)logo, is now being sold online at futbolshotz

“I’ve been coaching youth soccer for many years, beginning when my (now-adult) children were little,” said Wohlfarth. “Some kids have natural talent and others have to work a little harder to develop theirs. But every one of them aspires to be an effective shooter on goal. Just looking at a backstop one day, I realized that I could help them achieve that.” 

As a writer and comedian he knew that repetition is the key to success and learning technique and fundamentals, not only in comedy but also in soccer. That’s when Wohlfarth decided to create FUTBOLSHOTZ(TM) 

He enlisted the help of an engineering student to flesh out the concept, determine what type of materials would offer the most resilience (thermoplastic rubber, which combines the

characteristics of rubber and plastic), decide upon a color (bright orange for easy visibility), and develop the initial prototype. 

In the months that followed, he used the prototypes in a variety of soccer scenarios and recruited fellow soccer coaches as well as soccer dads to preview it in practical applications. They were impressed. 

One soccer dad friend said, “My son loved FUTBOLSHOTZ(TM)! We played for forty minutes and I had to stop because I was tired. It’s a great soccer training tool that allows me to enjoy great bonding time with my son. My wife plays with him as well.” 

Wohlfarth said that having four FUTBOLSHOTZ(TM) in each set enables the device to be placed in a variety of spots on the goal, which helps kids improve their on-goal shooting abilities from several different angles. 

His goal was to make the product available in time for the end-of-year holidays. The website went live in early November and includes a growing collection of soccer lessons, videos and more. 

Currently, FUTBOLSHOTZ(TM)are available via the website (shipping is free), and he’s now exploring other online and retail sales options. He’s also been in contact with a number of soccer organizations, who are considering adding the product to their coaching program. Each FUTBOLSHOTZTM “Coach in a bag” set of four targets plus bag costs $38. Quantity discounts are available.

Contact Details:
Matt Wohlfarth 

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SAI Focus on Energy Diversity Developing and obtained AAA certification of Assisting Sustainable Energy Transform

Clean energy is the key for the development of energy transition. China aims to see carbon dioxide emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality,that is, the realization of net zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2060, which are goals that the country announced in September at the General Debate of the 75th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. And clean heating will account for 70 percent of all heating in northern China.

The “Carbon neutral Target” puts forward higher requirements for the country’s social and economic low-carbon and green development. Not only China, the transition of the global energy structure to renewable energy is an inevitable trend. So the technology of clean energy is crucial in this process 

Recently, SAI got the AAA Clean Heating Service Certification for its excellent electric heating equipment and SAIHEAT technology.

SAIHEAT, Integrated hosting service of “liquid cooling + waste heat utilization“. Not only can meet the computing needs but also archive the Energy Depuration and Grid Intellectualization.

SAI, a global computing & energy operator who drives chips with clean energy, through the use of SAIHEAT (Integrated hosting service of “liquid cooling + waste heat utilization”), SAIWATT (Take hydro, waste gas, photovoltaic power as the energy supply), SAIBYTE (Boost economic growth through cloud computing+ internet of energy), SAICHIP (Develop high-performance chips made of new material and technology) to connect the power grid, the heating network and the computing power network. The three-network power supply reduces the overall energy cost and improves the energy profit efficiency. 

With the help of a SAIHEAT cabinet, the traditional heating system can solve many problems such as the replacement of traditional heating system heat sources, high heating energy costs for heating enterprises, poor heating effects, and equipment depreciation.

Whether it is residential business or agriculture, the SAIHEAT cabinet independently researched and developed by SAI can meet the heat demand and effectively reduce the heating cost. At present, the SAIHEAT computing and energy cabinet has been put into operation in many places, with a total functional area of more than 100,000 square meters.

There is no way to achieve Energy industry transformation and upgrading by single company. SAI is actively seeking more cooperation venues in China and abroad, aiming to establish a comprehensive clean heating industry Internet. SAI, the world’s first company who horizontally integrates clean energy, hopes that through technology, people can use cleaner and more affordable computing power, electricity and heat resources, and create more value for the society.

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Apron Network Completes Private Sale Funding Rounds

Apron Network, a decentralized infrastructure network built on the Polkadot blockchain, has revealed the closure of its private sale funding rounds. The funding round was successful and led by a group of crypto VCs who invested in developing the blockchain platform:

NGC Ventures(

Digital Finance Group(


Digital Renaissance Foundation(


Vega Ventures(

Private Sale Round:

CMS holdings(

Monday Capital(

NGC Ventures(

Digital Finance Group(

Spark Digital Capital(


AU21 Capital(

Vega Ventures(

Funding major step towards the expansion of its ecosystem 

Apron Network will use the funding capital to solidify its position as one of the Polkadot ecosystem’s top platforms. The blockchain platform has also assembled a team of enthusiasts and experts towards ensuring the long-term success of the network. 

The team behind Apron believes that the current infrastructure of the Polkadot ecosystem and cross-chain application is not entirely perfect. The decentralized network platform aims to build a decentralized platform that will suit the ecosystem’s most urgent needs. This will be expanded in the future to onboard new service providers into the Polkadot network. 

With the funding completed, Apron Network will focus on preparations for the upcoming Kusama slot auction and platform launch. There are also plans to deliver the web3 open grants milestones in the coming days. 

Apron has also continued technical improvements launching one of its POC version services for Heco testnet developers. The rest of the infrastructure service will be gradually launched within Q1 2021. 

Apron is also working within the roadmap, with the testnet expected to launch as scheduled in Q2 2021 (April). Once launched, all the essential utilities will be made available for developers to build interoperable applications within the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystem for free. 

Apron will continue to develop new products and release its Apron Beta Network in Q3. These developments will culminate in the launch of the Apron mainnet in Q4, encompassing the network’s full utilities to operate correctly. Following the launch of the mainnet, Apron will continue to provide technical support towards building seamless infrastructure services on other public chains and continuous improvement of its network. 

To create a holistic approach within its ecosystem, Apron will be exploring partnerships, community activity, and brand awareness. As part of this activity, Apron will host a series of campaigns and events to engage with members, facilitating interactions and participation among our users and interested participants.

About Apron:

Apron Network is committed to building a decentralized infrastructure service network platform to provide application developers, application users, and infrastructure operators with a decentralized network based on blockchain technology infrastructure services.

Apron will connect to multiple public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, and Helium, including Layer 2. Provide developers with low-cost multiple blockchain ecological infrastructure services.

To learn more about Apron Network, Please join our social networks:





Press Release

Deep analysis of HGI Digital Fund

Data is the soil, and everything grows on data. Digital economy, all kinds of new applications and new trends are based on data.

With the rapid development of digitalization, the tide is sweeping the world, and all walks of life are undergoing digital transformation. The world is ushering in a new era and new opportunities. The future is the world of digital economy.

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of computer technology, the application of blockchain in the financial field has become a hot topic. Bitcoin, which is based on blockchain technology, challenges and impacts the traditional monetary system with its unique form of existence and operation rules. Digital currency not only strongly promotes the development of payment technology and financial security, but also brings opportunities to the development of traditional enterprises. Many enterprises begin to enter the field of digital currency. This will surely usher in a historic financial revolution. In this context, HGI digital fund was born. Global members can obtain front-end wealth through dividends of digital monetary fund, and share the wealth dividends in the era of digital economy with multi ecological integration DAPP.

Henderson was founded in 1934, the global asset management group, headquartered in London, is Europe’s largest investment management company, with assets under management of 400 billion pounds , listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange. The group has the world’s best financial trading team, jointly managed by six heavyweights in the financial sector, implanted their concept of financial funds, keen investment eyes, the most advanced financial management methods, and the most accurate trading strategies, bringing huge profits to investors. Henderson has offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hartford, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Vienna, with more than 20000 employees worldwide.

With the wave of digital economy sweeping across the world, Henderson digital fund platform is also in the global layout. The European market in 2019 and the North American market in 2020 have achieved remarkable results. The average return rate of all kinds of funds has reached 30% – 60%, which has been widely praised by the local market. In 2021, Henderson digital Fund Group officially arranged the Asia Pacific market. The Asia Pacific headquarters is set up in Singapore, serving China Henderson, the representative of Asia Pacific emerging countries, will rely on its own strong capital and fund management ability, on the basis of many original fund categories, provide digital fund financing, chain games, digital mines, etc. for users in the Asia Pacific region through HGI digital fund platform, and continue to provide stable and safe returns for investors in the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

HGI digital fund DAPP is a decentralized and multi ecological HGI digital fund investment platform designed with advanced blockchain technology. It is developed by Singapore Tenx technology and aims to build a digital money fund ecosystem. HGI will build the world’s first digital fund platform with digital fund as the flow entrance, chain games and digital mines as the ecological foundation

HGI digital fund Ecology:

To build a global community through digital fund platform, adhere to the concept of “openness, transparency and trust”, become a participant in the reform of digital economy, build a fund ecological platform with strong appreciation space, and let global members enjoy the high returns brought by fund dividends by quantifying stocks, overseas global funds, family allocation trust funds and other fund types.

HGI chain game Ecology:

With the development of HGI platform, the value of HGI will be quickly recognized by members all over the world. Members can see the increase of HGI value and the change of corresponding legal currency exchange at any time, and withdraw business with OTC legal currency at any time.

HGI digital mine ecology:

Members can open the mine through the chain game ecology to a certain level, and obtain the mining income. In addition to the mining income of mining machine, they can also obtain the daily platform income dividend of HGI platform.

HGI digital fund development plan:

The first stage: a community of 100000 people was initially formed

The second stage: establish 100 community service centers around the world

The third stage: global ecological layout helps to double wealth

The fourth stage: 1 billion users, 1000 ecological projects, global market value of more than 100 billion US dollars

HGI digital fund platform always adheres to the principle of fair, just, open, CO creation, sharing and win-win development, builds a trustworthy digital economy ecosystem, promotes the orderly development of digital economy, promotes the opening and innovation of fund field, and reduces financial risks. With the support of strong technology and asset management ability, HGI has built a functional complex of digital funds, built a fair, just, open, CO created, shared and win-win digital economic fund ecosystem, and accelerated the transformation and upgrading of economic society.

Opportunities always favor the wise men with foresight. Let’s join hands with HGI to win the future!

Welcome to HGI digital fund!

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Welcome to the Stacey King’s Gimme the Hot Sauce Podcast with Mark Schanowski & Friend‪s‬

Unites States, 7th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE Get an exciting discussion with the 3 time World Champion Chicago Bull Stacey King’s very entertaining Gimme the Hot Sauce podcast with Mark Schanowski & Friends.

On this podcast where he entertains with his thoughts an Hd opinions on sports and current events.

A new special guest every week with the likes of – Champion Bill Cartwright, Impersonator Al Foran, All-Star Kenny Anderson, Horace & Harvey Grant, ESPNs Zack Lowe and Nick Friedell, and many more! Don’t miss the hilarious banter where anything goes!

Click Here for Gimmethehotsauce

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