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US Eco-Friendly Business B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Online Training Launched

The program, which focuses especially on eco-friendly businesses, is part of a new training movement for sustainability companies. The training is led by marketing expert, Billy Fetzner, who has used the strategies to generate over 2,000 leads for his existing clients.

More information can be found at:

The new training program centers on several core elements to a successful lead generation campaign. These include searching for ideal prospects, optimizing profile design, creating effective content, and more.

Participants in the program will learn how to create a profile for their ideal prospect, and optimize their campaigns and strategies to reach these clients where they spend most of their time.

Through results-backed optimization strategies, business owners will be able to automate their outreach and build a following grounded in trust.

The training begins soon and will be managed through an exclusive Facebook group. This provides business owners with a space to connect with like-minded professionals and share success stories.

During the sessions, students will get access to case studies showing how Billy generated over 400 qualified leads in 30 days. These methods and strategies can be tailored and utilized for companies in any niche, and business owners can replicate the system for their own growth in just 20 minutes a day.

Implementing LinkedIn solutions for lead generation provides companies with an edge over their competition. The latest industry data shows that 98% of all B2B leads sourced through social platforms are generated on LinkedIn.

Because it’s a dedicated site for professionals, audiences can be targeted more reliably and business owners know that prospects are ready to engage.

Billy Fetzner is an experienced marketing professional who understands the importance of predictable inbound leads for both new and established businesses. He created the training to provide an actionable roadmap for success, even in competitive niches.

He states: “Are you ready to start creating 30+ leads every 5 days on repeat? In this 5-day challenge, I will walk you through the strategy of how I generate over 30 leads every 5 days and how you can too. Get ready to change your perspective and see how LinkedIn can become the cornerstone to your marketing efforts for your business.”

Interested parties can learn more at:

Sugreel Marketing Agency
Sugreel Marketing Agency

5830 East 2nd Street #Ste. 7000

United States

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Waterproof Women’s Parka Jackets Canada – New Black Friday Savings Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak’s newly launched Alpine mock neck parka is ideal for winter, offering water repellent material and the ability to endure temperatures between -20º and -25ºC. It is available in true black, coffee bean, and white pepper, and in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.

More details are available at:

With the launch of the parka, customers can enjoy increased warmth with a Sherpa lined collar made from poly fleece in accordance with Frank And Oak’s environmentally focused ethos. The parka’s fabric is made from 55% recycled polyester and 45% organic cotton. It also features outside waist adjustment, an inside utility pocket, an outside chest pocket, and side entry hand pocketing also made with poly fleece.

Climate change is an issue that impacts the future of all people around the world. The time for drastic, structural change has arrived, yet many in the fashion industry continue with unsustainable production practices.

Frank And Oak sources recycled polyester, wool, and nylon, as well as responsibly grown organic cotton, in order to minimize its environmental footprint. Leading design and technology ensure that the quality of the products is not compromised.

The parka’s 20K/20K rating signifies that it can withstand up to 20,000mm of water per square inch, and is able to release up to 20,000g of vapour per square meter, making it suitable for winter weather.

As previously announced, starting this week, customers can take advantage of the best Black Friday savings on the women’s outerwear collection and ladies’ winter coats for extreme cold weather.

Frank And Oak is a Canadian clothing company centered around the idea of ethical, sustainable fashion practices. Their proactive approach has seen them sharply increase their percentage of products with a minimal impact, through the sourcing and use of environmentally conscious materials and methods.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The decisions made in the fashion industry have a huge impact on people and the planet. Faced with the irrevocable effects of climate change and poor conditions for garment factory workers around the world, we fully recognize the urgency to do our part. This is why we are committed to minimizing our impact by prioritizing recycled fabrics and responsible practices throughout our supply chain to make quality clothing that lasts.”

All interested parties can find further details by visiting the Frank And Oak website.

Frank And Oak
Frank And Oak

702 St-Viateur E, Suite 702,


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Kidz Land: Top-Notch Play Zone – Birthday Party Place For Your Kids

The Kidz Land

Hyderabad, Telangana Nov 27, 2021 ( – Creative indoor kids play zone in Hyderabad for a blasting enjoyment.

Are you looking forward to safe indoor kids play zone in Hyderabad? Go nowhere but Kidz Land as it is the largest activity center and party venue for all ages of children (1-12 years). With a keen focus on safety and hygiene, the kids play area becomes the right choice for the child’s mental and physical development. Experience the thrilling games and experiences of every sort at Kidz Land including Obstacle courses, Bounce houses, Water boats, Electronic games, illusion house, Gun Shooting, ball pool, toddler activities, interactive games, and much more.

Right Place For Kids With Unique Games

Kidz Land is the prominent place for organizing Kids Birthday Parties with Free WiFi, valet parking, clean and hygienic washrooms, CCTV security. We adhere to all safety protocols and provide the best place to host and enjoy an amazing celebration. We bring all sorts of amenities for the birthday event and ensure to plan every bit of event and decoration with the party organizers. No matter if it is balloon decoration or flower-based decoration, our designers and decorators are there to assist you at affordable prices.

Kidz Land becomes the Best 1st Birthday Party Place that offers a huge indoor party space with facilities ensuring such great experience and entertainment. We provide the play area for kids with zero hassle and a completely thrilling experience. Our indoor and outdoor party events can make the celebration memorable for a lifetime.

So, why wait when Kidz Land is such a fun-filled entertainment zone having the topmost concern for your child’s safety and fun factor. We aim to allow the overall development of child capability while offering them a place for absolute games and activities.

kids birthday partiesKids Fun ZoneKids Play Zone in HyderabadKids Play Zone

Source :The Kidz Land

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Revival Introduces New DEX and Governance Token

NYC, USA, 27th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Revival, a BSC-based 100% community-owned DeFi project, is proud to unveil their new DEX token REVIVAL(RVL). The platform allows holders of its native token (RVL) to earn passive income in BNB and enjoy a safe and seamless experience within the DeFi space. 

Revival has created a platform in which users can diversify, grow and safeguard their crypto investments while earning BNB rewards. Revival also strives to build fundamental foundations for individuals, businesses and crypto startups to develop and thrive within the DeFi sector. 

Any investor holding 10B RVL or more automatically receives reflections and can watch their crypto portfolio grow in real-time via the ‘Revival Wallet Connect’ feature. Investors can withdraw their BNB at any time or reinvest the rewards back into the Revival protocol to generate more earnings.

The team behind the platform is fully doxxed and rug screened to instill investor confidence in the DeFi platform. The project has also submitted their smart contract for an audit by DessertSwap to guarantee Revival’s investors that their funds are in safe hands. 

RevivalDex: A New Way to Earn Rewards

The Revival team is delighted to introduce its new DEX platform that offers more options for RVL holders to earn more rewards.dividends. The DEX facilitates the expansion of the BNB reward system on Revival, which has so far issued 1100+ BNB in rewards to holders.

The RevivalDEX will enhance this reward system by integrating a new option for holders to stake their RVL and earn more tokens. Holders can also stake RVL to bag VVL, the platform’s new governance token.

The DEX also facilitates the team to create many additional pairs for the RVL token, offering holders more options than just RVL/BNB. 

New tokens that will soon be available for pairing with RVL include leading stablecoins USDT and BUSD. The introduction of more pairs is excellent for Revival; it enables the DeFi project to broaden its reach and build a cryptocurrency compatible with mass adoption.

Users would need to add equal amounts of any available pair, say RVL/USDT or RVL/BNB, to the liquidity pool (LP) via RevivalDEX. They then get an LP token that serves as proof that a holder owns that portion of the liquidity. LP holders can use this placeholder token to redeem their liquidity pair at any time.

Earn more on the Revival Farms and DripPools 

RevivalDEX is designed to be dynamic and offers token holders diverse options to earn more BEP-20 tokens just for holding. It introduces a new “Farms” tab on which holders can leverage their LP tokens to generate more RVL or VVL.

Investors have a different ‘wrapper’ option that allows them to ‘wrap’ RVL into WRVL, a token of equal value at all times that is transferable back into an equal amount of RVL. Holders can add their WRVL to a Revival liquidity pool and use it to receive rewards in RVL or VVL.

An even more straightforward way to generate more passive income is to utilize the Revival Drift pools. This option allows users to lock RVL or VVL for a day, week or month and receive lucrative rewards.

About the VVL Governance Token

VVL is RVL’s CEX-centric, supplementary token that allows the community to vote on the future development of the Revival project.

The newly launched token supports the Revival DeFi system by working with RVL to deliver additional options to holders. VVL introduces a more straightforward way of delivering rewards and fills gaps within the Revival ecosystem that RVL cannot fill alone.

Connect with the Revival Community

Revival is dedicated to fostering DeFi growth while offering investors diverse ways to generate passive earning streams. The project is developing ‘Kickstand’, a unique all-in-one crowdfunding app that allows users to create, view and fund upcoming projects. 

Investors can join the Revival movement by purchasing RVL on PancakeSwap and FEGex. They can track the token’s price action on crypto ranking sites CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. 

To learn more about the Revival project and its new DEX, or connect with the fast-growing community with 10,000+ holders, please check out the resources below:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit | Discord

Media Contacts

Name: Santiago Madrid
Company: Revival

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Floki Metaverse is Integrating NFTs and Metaverse Capabilities

Dubai, UAE, 27th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Floki Metaverse is proud to bring an integration of NFTs and the Metaverse to the masses. The platform aims to offer its users a way of earning passive income by being HOLDERS in $FLOKI. Recently, Floki Metaverse launched its private sale in under 28 minutes with an oversubscription of three times. 

The project is planning to launch an NFT Marketplace in the first quarter of 2022. The marketplace will allow users to access, trade, mint, and exchange NFTs on the BSC. With its features, the platform is joining the trend that is revolutionizing the future of the digital realm.   

Presale Details

The first private sale involved 10% of the total supply, 10,000,000,000. Each BNB sold 250,000,000 $FLMT. Before the first presale, Floki Metaverse burned a total of 11% of the total supply. The second presale involved 20% of the total supply, 20,000,000,000. A total of 200,000,000 $FLMT got sold for a BNB. As mentioned, the presale was full in 28 minutes. Meanwhile, the public sale took place on the 22nd Nov 2021 on PinkSale.

Rewards Paid Automatically

You do not need to claim your earned $FLOKI for the first time. It gets instantly sent to your wallet. Add the FLOKI INU ($Floki Contract Address) to your wallet, and you’re ready to go.

Metaverse is in Development

The metaverse is the culmination of all the processes and protocols that power the internet. Also, it involves the coming Web3, consolidating into a single, interoperable realm. Communications, money, gaming worlds, personal profiles, NFTs, and other services are all part of a more extensive online experience in this future world.

The NFT MarketPlace

Floki Metaverse is creating an easy-to-use NFT marketplace for the average individual. It will allow other apps, like wallets or DAO frameworks, to use the platform for browsing/discovery and governance of NFTs. It was designed specifically for that purpose.

The NFT marketplace has a royalty standard in place for both minted and externally minted NFTs. It allows NFTs purchased and sold on protocol apps to be bought and sold on other protocol applications while still conforming to creator and platform royalties.

About Floki Metaverse

Floki Metaverse is a platform with a single mission in mind. It brings NFTs and the Metaverse to the masses. You can find more details on their:


NFT marketplace:

Whitepaper & Tokenomics:


Official Telegram:


Media Contact – 

Name: Kamil

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Doxxed Santa is Bringing Gifts to the Crypto Community this Holiday Season

Sydney, Australia, 27th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Doxxed Santa, a community-driven token, is here to change the pace in the crypto world a month before Christmas. As recent scam victims, the project aims to bless the BSC community with extraordinary gifts. They range from security, transparency, low taxes and a token that will shoot to the moon. 

Doxxed Santa has a single primary goal, to give the users a safe space to trade. Their marketing wallet is committed to marketing with an assurance that it will keep shooting for the moon even after the holiday season. You can purchase the token during the upcoming event. The presale is set to happen on 29th after it hits the hard cap. It is your chance to grab and hodl Doxxed Santa.

Presale Details

Doxxed Santa will soon launch the presale on 29th on Unicrypt. Later on, the token launch will take place on PancakeSwap. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000. Notably, there is automatic liquidity, with 70% of the total presale going to a secure lock for one year.

Security and KYC

DoxxedSanta has already carried out KYC. The project owner has provided personal details to a third party. It will ensure that the project increases trust among investors. To prove the badge appears on Unicrypt, upon looking at its profile on the exchange platform.

In addition to KYC, Doxxed Santa has already carried out an audit through Solidproof. The project’s code has been thoroughly checked to find vulnerabilities using manual and automated tests. The report shows that it is entirely safe; hence you can be sure that it is free from attacks.

Doxxed Santa’s Journey in Detail

The project has very quickly followed the journey on what it is planning. The first step is to create a website and have a social media presence. Next up is the audit and KYC, followed by the presale. At the moment, all the rest have taken place except the presale. 

From there, the marketing will take place with a positive approach as the holiday season is here. As more marketing goes on, the platform will attract more investors, taking the token to the moon! Afterall, that is what every project is about; marketing to stand out from the rest.
Doxxed Santa is here to give you all gifts of joy on its journey to more development.

How to Buy the Token

Buying the Doxxed Santa token is very easy. You can click on the button on top of the website, saying buy on Pancakeswap. Then, you can proceed to buy the token by connecting the metamask or trust wallet on the exchange and looking for the token. Just like that, you can have your own Doxxed Santa token.

As Doxxed Santa says, “I know you stopped believing in Santa since you were 6 years old , but you are old enough now to believe in Doxxed Santa!”

For more information on Doxxed Santa, you can visit their;



Main Channel:


Chinese Channel:



Media Contact – 

Name : Rami Qra

Official email :

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Santa Rosa CA Houses For Rent – Rental Property Online Search Services Launched

With the company’s upgraded offering, individuals can find rental properties in an easy and hassle-free way. As a property management agency, it can facilitate the screening and application process, offering tenants a one-stop-shop experience.

More information about Sue Carrell & Associates is available via

This newly revamped service was launched given Santa Rosa’s highly competitive home rental market. Since the agency manages properties directly, tenants can rest assured that the units will be livable and the premises well-maintained.

Sue Carrell & Associates works closely with landlords to offer properties that cannot be found in mainstream home rental sites. Tenants can select from a broad range of single-family homes, including spacious three-bedroom dwellings in desirable neighborhoods.

Tenants can expect to receive a prompt response to any request they may have. Should their home require maintenance, they can file a request 24/7. Occupants may also pay their rent online through a dedicated portal, making the process more convenient.

Prospective renters can use the website’s search feature and filters to find suitable properties. Each listing has comprehensive information about the home and allows people to apply as a tenant online.

About Sue Carrell & Associates

Sue Carrell & Associates is a full-service property management company that is renowned for its customer-first philosophy. Among its expertise are building maintenance, renter screening, tenant relationship management, and maintenance of financial records. In addition to Santa Rosa, it also serves the communities of Oakmont, Sebastopol, Kenwood, Forestville, and Windsor.

A spokesperson says: “Since our founding, our goal has always been to serve the best interest of both property owners and tenants. Our mission is best captured by our guiding principle ‘customer service the old-fashioned way.’ This means no digital menus when you reach out to us — we’ll make sure that a real-life person attends to you.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the company and its services.

Sue Carrell & Associates
Sue Carrell & Associates

6570 Oakmont Dr. Suite 100-101

Santa Rosa
United States

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Anchorage AK Wedding Elopement Photography – Candid Couple Video Services Update

The recent updates are available to clients in Anchorage, throughout Alaska, and elsewhere, as the couple also work in landscape and travel photography, and are keen to visit new and distant places.

More details can be found at

Hope Springs Photography’s announcement comes in response to the increased number of couples planning their weddings, to take advantage of the lifting of pandemic-induced rules and the freedom to travel once more.

Founded by couple Christi and John Walsh, the company is dedicated to helping others share and celebrate their most memorable and significant moments, helping couples to capture key points of their lives in both still and moving forms. With a wealth of experience in their formats to put to use for their clients, both Christi’s photography and John’s videography work showcase the highlights of any big day or special occasion, in the highest possible quality.

The company’s wedding photography services have been specifically developed to fit into a couple’s special day to capture their smiles, their love, the small moments, and the big – following them every step of the way as they go from engaged to married. However, before the wedding even begins, Hope Springs also offers additional services, such as couples shoots, engagement shoots, and maternity shoots, ideal for piecing together the story of growing love as it blossoms and thrives.

Though based in Alaska, John and Christi are both true travel enthusiasts and share a passion for exploring new places whenever they can. As such, their services are available throughout the world (following an initial consultation), and they’re happy to go along with their clients who are marrying abroad, or eloping, to capture and preserve every moment.

Videography services from John are also available, including six-hour drone sessions. Photography from Christi is priced per hour or per day (classed as six hours) depending on the client’s needs and preference and can be included in a package for multiple sessions, including couples shoots, maternity shoots, and engagement shoots The company also offers portrait photography separately.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

Hope Springs Photography
Hope Springs Photography

PO Box 141284

United States

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What to Look Forward to with Newly Launched Small Ship Virtual Adventure Tours.

Uncruise Adventures today announced the official launch of its Virtual Adventure Tours. Guests and advisors are already looking forward to the opportunity to immerse themselves in the newly launched 360-degree virtual tours. As travel grows and small ship inspiration is trending, adventure cruise fans can expect more online tools, including new 2022-2023 cruise pricing, advisor tools, a refreshed look, online gift cards, and updated website tools, videos, and information with the award-winning adventure company.

The first thing guests can expect are detailed virtual tours to view their cabin amenities and surrounding adventure activities. Excited travelers can take a sneak peek of the new virtual tours at See what it’s like to be on board before your arrival. More inspiration, more adventure, and more holiday deals are waiting. As an industry leader who puts value on sustainability, and exceptional guest experiences this is a perfect addition to their website and adventure marketing tools. UnCruise Adventures provides a fun, adventuresome immersion into the world of small ship cruising.

Uncruise Adventures will be celebrating the launch with the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals they’ve ever offered, including double your dollar savings, gift card options, and a full gift shop of apparel and gear. The UnCruise Adventures cruise line understands the popularity of online access to travel inspiration, especially through the pandemic. Their online virtual tours give you a first-hand look at carefully crafted guide-led adventures and natural wonders from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama, and the Galapagos.

Dan Blanchard, Owner, and CEO at Uncruise Adventures adds “Throughout the pandemic, wanderlust and the desire for more adventure didn’t cease but forced travelers to look at new ways to experience nature. That’s when they find us,” Blanchard states. “We offer an incredible all-inclusive value. We understand that travelers want more time being inspired and these days there’s nothing more inspired than time in nature and remote places.” The passionate CEO is keen on leveraging more technology and tools to ensure a personalized, inspiring service for its guests and travel advisors.

More information about the virtual tours, new pricing, and other amenities can be found at

UnCruise Adventures
UnCruise Adventures
3826 18th Ave W

United States

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Milford NE Surface Restoration – Industrial Paint Booth/Blasting Shop Now Open

The latest announcement means customers in Milford and the surrounding areas can now get smooth, fresh-looking, and corrosive-proof surfaces, including larger painting projects. In addition, the company guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with prompt and affordable services.

More information is available at

Proper surface preparations ensure the integrity and longevity of mission-critical assets. But sandblasting could be life-threatening if adequate safety measures are not in place. With this announcement, individuals and businesses can now rely on professionals for surface finishing and protection.

The A+ Better Business Bureau rated family-run company has about 37 years of experience executing over 2,000 projects. The newly opened state-of-the-art paint booth and blasting shop can handle a wide spectrum of projects size or structures. The facilities are fully equipped to ensure customers get their required surface finishes.

The company goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. They treat customers with respect while maintaining exceptional character and quality. Clients can count on them for the highest level of service. Interested parties can upload their projects’ photos on their website to get a free price estimate.

Additionally, asset integrity specialists offer on-site blasting and painting services. Their mobile rig provides on-premises surface protection and professional finishing for small and large projects, saving clients the stress of moving heavy-duty equipment around.

The fully licensed and insured local contractors’ portable rigs can pull into any location and efficiently roll hoses for safe and long-lasting media blasting and painting. The company provides mobile restoration services for liquid storage tanks, pools, trailers, steel structures, and concrete joint reconditioning projects.

With this announcement, Wissmann Enterprise Inc. restates its longstanding commitment to providing 100% guaranteed and efficient solutions to customers in Milford, Nebraska, and the throughout the midwest. The customer-focused company offers multiple support channels to ensure clients get fast responses.

A company representative stated: “We have provided professional expertise with media blasting and liquid coatings for individuals, businesses, and corporations in the Midwest since 1986. Our mobile and shop services are set up to handle all project sizes. Our experience, exceptional customer service, and a motivated team set us apart.”

Interested parties can visit or call +1-402-761-1993 to schedule an appointment.

Wissmann Enterprises Inc.
Wissmann Enterprises Inc.

691 Grover Rd

United States

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