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Cow Level AG joins forces with First international Play Money Exchange

Switzerland, 18th March 2021, ZEXPRWIREFiPME – the Estonian company First international Play Money Exchange has been acquired by Swiss Holding Cow Level AG. 

FiPME is the next generation exchange where gamers can meet to trade in-game goods and services together with digital art. Cow Level AG is a Swiss Holding ready to build bridges and invest in gaming, esports and fashion.

Our first launch product FiPME will be a stock exchange kinda offering for virtual items in the 159B Dollar market of video games. 

For gaming studios – to build additional revenue streams by accessing the secondary market and to gather more data for their price structure. 

For esports teams to create digital art around the gaming ecosystem to foster their relationship with their community and built new long-term revenue streams.  

For the fashion world: Louis Vuitton just announced a major play in the new economy of digital fashion, since decoring ourselves just comes natural to us. Whether in the real, or the virtual world. 

“After doing extensive market research it became clear to us that we need to build a new economy around gaming where everyone can participate in – gamers, studios, esports teams, artists and the fashion world that has already discovered digital fashion as the next Billion Dollar frontier. We are excited to build the foundation for this new ecosystem“, explain the two founders Boris Obodda and Stefan Kaemper.

„With Nike, BMW, Lamborghini, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and many other brands strengthening their investments into the gaming space, it’s clear that we are seeing the rise of a new digital fashion economy. Think about the sneaker market – a piece of art always rises in value. Not just a Monet, but also a Michael Jordan. So why wouldn’t a shoe brand want to introduce virtual sneakers to this giant market of 3 Billion gamers out there?“, says Benjamin Kratsch, VP of Marketing.  Next milestones are the opening of the exchange and the first funding round for Cow Level AG. Version ONE of the exchange is ready for release with Amazon Web Services as a hosting partner. The launch is planned for spring.

If you are interested in an interview with the team or additional information, kindly

Visit Our Website for more information: cowlevel

Media Contacts

Name: Benjamin Kratsch
Email ID:
Telephone: 0041 78218 99 96
Company: Cow Level AG
Location: Switzerland
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Millionaire Rapper and business mogul Cliff Clements Camp Zeroo on creating 100 Millionaires

Dallas, Texas, 18th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, I will never ever step foot on a stage or release another album until I find my 100 soldiers.

If I create one millionaire and 99 other people are able to be home with their kids and live their lives happier, it’ll be worth it for me. Like I stated before it’s personal for me, I’m going to answer every DM, I’m going to make every call, and walk every single person that takes a shot on me through the process.

I made that promise to God! It’s personal.

Media Contacts –

Cliff Clements
Dallas Texas

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The Most Secure Bitcoin & Crypto Wallet: XcelPay Wallet

Singapore, 18th March 2021, ZEXPRWIREBuy, Sell, Store, and Trade BTC & ETH using XcelPay Wallet App. XcelPay Wallet makes it simple to send, receive and trade your favorite cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Install the XcelPay Wallet app on your android and iOs device. Enjoy endless benefits. 

XcelPay Wallet is the best mobile Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallet App.  Known for its security, XcelPay Wallet gives you space to store your cryptos and guarantees total peace of mind. Our cryptocurrency wallet app comes with Face ID, Fingerprint Login, and PIN code lock. Use XcelPay Wallet to Keep your Bitcoin and other assets safe, and make secure and seamless transactions. 

Apart from being secure, the XcelPay Wallet app is quite easy and comfortable to use. Integrated to have an easy-to-use, it is a crypto wallet that is enabled for both mobile and tablet use. The app provides you with great flexibility to trade your cryptos.  Send and receive digital currency using XcelPay Wallet. Use XcelPay Wallet to transact with anyone in the world from the convenience of your mobile phone. Choose a preferred payment method as we support payments via Debit/Credit cards & Bank account Make Bitcoin transactions in a couple of taps. Get instant notification post every transaction! 

Tracking your cryptocurrency portfolio has never been this easy! What’s amazing is you can monitor the price movement of BTC, ETH, and other coins from within the wallet! Get real-time data on your portfolio investment performance and track market data over time, all from your XcelPay Wallet. Without having to go through centralized exchanges, you can buy and sell one digital asset for another, using our SWAP feature. With just a few taps, you can exchange cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your wallet while retaining privacy and control of your private information and private keys.

We aspire to be the best cryptocurrency wallet app on the market. That’s why we are constantly upgrading our app. Our most recent value addition includes bug fixes for SWAP. In addition to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), XcelPay Wallet has integrated and supports new Tokens like XinFin (XDC) and XcelDefi (XLD). You may also Swap multiple cryptos without any extra fee! We have excellent 24×7 support. For feedback and assistance, you can reach us at Download XcelPay Wallet for your iOs and Android devices today!

Contact Details

Name: XcelLab Ecosystem
Email ID:
Location: Singapore

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Fully Decentralized Initial DEX Offerings Arrive on bSWAP

Binance Smart Chain projects can now automatically launch IDOs and users can swap directly from projects without slippage and with a liquidity pool available

San Francisco, California March 18, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, bSWAP, a subsidiary of the Atom Foundation which acquired, the first Binance Smart Chain (BSC) AMM, is launching a wholly decentralized Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpad platform. Supporting automatic Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) launches, the platform allows any project to raise money while maintaining liquidity, through built-in liquidity pools, and without interaction from an intermediary. 

The bSWAP IDO platform presents the decentralized finance (DeFi) community with a decentralized launchpad that allows automated intake and launch. Presenting users with offers that display executed contract details and receive DAO information from valid sources like bscscan, Trust Wallet, and directly from the blockchain; with zero ability for information manipulation. 

Currently, all launchpads utilize a fixed price, leading to front running. The bSWAP DAO platform does not freeze IDO’s prices, rather it follows the pools’ price on bSWAP; ensuring that the price of the pools increase as the investments into the IDO increase. If the price goes down, the price of the pools will decrease thus decreasing the available IDO fundraising amount.  

The CEO of Atom Foundation, Yoda “Jude” Regev, proclaimed the launch “presents the first truly decentralized launchpad for DAOs that also balances community needs to help reduce rug pulls. It is all about liquidity, so you are less worried when you see investment dollars going directly to a pool you can use to withdraw from later. The fully automated intake is major news for DeFi and I suspect we are changing the game when it comes to decentralized offerings.” 

IDOs are a means for a DAO to grow and raise funds in a way that does not hurt their early adopters. In order to increase protections to users, bSWAP’s IDO platform includes a community backstop. This means that to launch, projects need to open a pool with at least $10,000 total liquidity and 10% up to 100% of all funds raised must remain in the pool.

The community backstop and liquidity pool availability was an important piece for Chief Operating Officer, Kyle White. Who said, “following the principles of decentralization, the first step to protecting the community is to remove as much human interference and manipulation as possible. When communities are empowered, they feel more comfortable to be early adopters to great projects.”

After extensive engineering and design development, the bSWAP IDO platform will include two launch types, a fixed price sale and a Dutch auction. 

A fixed price sale is similar to a traditional offering where DAOs set a fixed price to their offering. This process allows DAOs to instantly engage with the money and the user benefits from buying the tokens without slippage.

The second option for a DAO is to run a Dutch auction which allows the market to dictate the offering price. In the case of the Dutch auction, users are protected from price manipulation, since the funds and tokens are distributed at the end of the auction after verifying that the total investment is no more than the total supplies face value. This verification means users do not pay more than the token market price. Users may also receive a discount since projects must release the total supply for sale once the soft cap has been reached and the time period ended.

Currently, bSWAP is welcoming projects to launch for free. Once a few projects launch successfully, the fee structure will apply. 

Atom Foundation is currently hosting a bSWAP and JNTR/b IDO to reward users for utilizing the new technology. Check out the offers or launch your own here.

About Atom Foundation

Atom Foundation is a Decentralized Financial (DeFi) liquidity ecosystem powered by proprietary protocols which underline IDO (Initial Dex Offerings) Auction technology, an NFT (Non-fungible token) marketplace with downside protection, multiple swap exchanges, cross-network aggregation, as well as staking and pooling in a decentralized way.


Media Contacts – 
Kyle White 

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GraphLinq Protocol: The Gateway to Automated Blockchain Functionalities

Paris, France, March 17, 2021, ZEXPRWIREEstablished at the beginning of 2021, GraphLinq brings users in the crypto sphere a new model of integrating blockchain automation on any blockchain-related task. Simply put, GraphLinq Protocol contains unique tools such as an engine and an integrated development environment(IDE) to provide automated services while leveraging centralized data streams and several blockchains. 

The protocol accomplishes its goal using graphs, a group of nodes that automate off-chain and on-chain tasks. To deploy a graph, users have to import any template or glq file using the IDE tool and execute it on the network through the engine tool.

GraphLinq also allows users to receive ticks and up-to-date data on centralized exchanges and DeFi applications. As a safety measure, every information derived from apps and blockchain connections is safely located in the Engine database storage. An added advantage is that users don’t need any coding knowledge to initiate any blockchain-oriented task!

A Token Sale on The Way

GraphLinq plans on conducting a public sale on Uniswap via Unicrypt scheduled to start on March 21, 2021, at 18:00UTC as an Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO). The protocol plans on hosting the GLQ token sale for 48 hours or less if they attain a targeted hard cap of 350ETH. GLQ is the network’s native ERC-20 token residing on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Participating in the GLQ ILO will require investors to hold a minimum of either 4 UNCX or 50 UNCL. To GraphLinq, Unicrypt possesses a lot of potential, particularly when hosting ILOs, hence, anticipating a collaborative effort with the platform in the future. A maximum of 3 ETH is allowed to acquire the native token

GraphLinq also takes the token burning approach, which usually involves removing a  certain number of tokens from circulation. The network will achieve this burning procedure by eliminating GLQ tokens used during graph executions. In turn, it ultimately makes the token a scarce asset in the market by reducing its supply over time.

Depending on the block type, gas prices will undergo a continuous update that goes in line with the number of tokens burnt and the market adoption rate.

GLQ Token Benefits

The GLQ token comes with a variety of functions and uses cases in the GraphLinq network. For starters, the token can be used when making a transaction within the protocol. 

GLQ is also applicable when paying for execution fees after running graphs over the Engine tool. GLQ holders also receive exclusive governance rights whereby each holder gets to decide on future developments of the GraphLinq network. Furthermore, GLQ owners also hold the power to pitch in on new block additions and fee prices required for the ecosystem’s execution. 

GraphLinq: What Lies Ahead

The protocol’s roadmap hopes to achieve so much more in the coming days. Starting Q3 2020, GraphLinq will build their mobile application, which will host and deploy graphs on a practical interface. 

It also plans on becoming a fully decentralized protocol by merging the Engine with a PoS-based blockchain. While at it, GraphLinq will also create an incentivized ecosystem where users are rewarded in GLQ for sharing their custom-made graphs.

Media Contacts –
Contact Name:  Rishabh Anand CMO
Organization name:  GraphLinq
Address: Paris France
Website URL:

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300+ free courses with certificates to boost your professional career

Pune, India, 17th March 2021, ZEXPRWIREVMukta, the online education platform for professional education and learning, career enhancement and softskill training, has added new free courses with certifications in all categories for professionals. Learners can now upskill at their own pace in high demand sectors like marketing, creativity, personal finance, data science, technology, coding, corporate skills and more. This development is in sync with the skill development courses suggested in the new education policy.

Who says, you have to pay for quality education? challenges the thought with 300+ FREE professional courses for working people and entrepreneurs.

All courses at VMukta™ including Marketing, Data science, Design and Coding, Personal Finance, Cyberlaw and Intellectual properties (IPR) and more are with relevant certificates for successful completion.

Vmukta aims to aid continuous learning about new and developing industry needs in online and mobile platforms and facilitate a deeper understanding of edtech resources usage amongst working professionals, recently passed out graduates and entreprenuers.

Recently concluded surveys show more than 80% of people worldwide believe that there is a need to sharpen their acquired skills, add more value based learning and be competitive in the post pandemic situation. Traditional skills needed for jobs earlier are in no way in demand while upcoming skills such as digital marketig, data science, AI and machine learning etc are the need of the hour.

All new courses are tailored for graduates and experienced working professionals with the aim at ensuring suitable skill development at the right stage of their career. These courses will help improve the employability and sharpen the acquired skills adding more value to the organization and at the personal front.

Courses at Vmukta are carefully curated to give individuals flexible, subscription-based access skills enhancement, career and entreprenuership. Handpicked courses will allow learners to build knowledge and expertise around their lifestyle, shaping their own personal development journey towards their ultimate career and professional goals.

Industry specific courses cover a wide range of subject areas, from Business communication to Project Management, Fintech to Data Security, Digital marketing to Technology and Coding, Social Media, Interview preparation, Creativity and Desigining, Startup funding and more.

300+ free courses are available on demand (VOD) and have been scientifically designed to understand and address the needs of learners of all backgrounds and experience levels, from overview to hands-on deep dive subjects and modules. With the flexibility of time and platform, these industry recommended courses are in high demand for learning new skills for working professionals struggling to go for physical courses but are keen to look for career and individual skill progress.

For more courses, certifications and innovative learning ideas, follow VMukta on :

Linkedin: Click Here
Twitter: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here
Instagram: Click Here

Media Contact:

Name – Pravin Shivarkar
E-mail –
Phone no – +91 9560983832
Company – XLNC Marketing
Country – India
Address – FL A603, 11K County, Pune, India 412105

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Commercial Security Camera Installation

United States, 17th March 2021, ZEXPRWIREEvery business owner needs to protect their livelihood, and that means keeping their offices and warehouse interiors away from prying eyes. That’s why it can be a very good idea to install a commercial security camera within the premises of your company. Not only does it keep thieves away, but it’s also easier for you to monitor what’s happening on premises at all times. However, installing the camera yourself is not going to be easy, which is why we are here to help with professional Los Angeles Commercial Security Camera Installation Services.

Why should you install a security camera for your business?

Investing in a great security camera can help protect your premises from any attackers. Once you opt for the best Los Angeles Commercial Security Camera Installation, you will also deter criminals, since they stay away from any cameras to begin with. On top of that, installing a camera can help the police catch any culprits, especially when your business is attacked or even robbed. 

A security camera can also help you check in on the employees and ensure everything is fine, at any time during the day. On top of that, if you install a security camera for your business, this will give you all kinds of insurance benefits. You’ll spend less on insurance premiums, and saved money can be used to invest in your business.

Hire the best Los Angeles Commercial Security Camera Installation team

As you can see, it’s a very good idea to install a security camera system within your business. However, trying to install it on your own is not convenient, as you lack the tools and expertise to do such a thing. That’s why it makes sense to hire a team of experts like LA Security Cameras. We are experts in Los Angeles Commercial Security Camera Installation, and we’ve been a part of the industry for a very long time. It’s very important for us to provide our customers with the best value for money and an extraordinary return on investment. 

Once you contact our team for a quote, we will come to you and let you know how much it will cost. If you agree, we will install the security system quickly and with extraordinary efficiency. We believe it’s more important than ever to protect your business, and the return on investment can be second to none. All you have to do is to give our services a try today!

The Los Angeles Commercial Security Camera Installation service is fast, efficient and it will offer you all the necessary help and support you may need. We are always committed to quality, and we test everything to ensure it works flawlessly. This way, you will find it easier than ever to monitor your business and ensure that you get an amazing return on investment. 

Work with vetted professionals

It’s the perfect time to secure your business and keep your assets and employees safe. Don’t hesitate and contact us today for the best Los Angeles Commercial Security Camera Installation services, and we guarantee you will be very impressed with the results!

Contact Details:

Name – George Rodriguez
E-mail –
Phone no – (213) 761-7900
Company – LA security cameras, Inc.
Country – USA

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Pinjaman Online Kredit Pintar: Trusted, OJK-Approved Online Loans

Indonesia, 17th March 2021, ZEXPRWIREWith the rise of modern technology, there are various aspects of the economy that have changed. One of that is how easy loans are becoming to access. Aimed to improve the national welfare, online loans like KreditPintar (pinjaman online Kredit Pintar) are providing loans to as many people as possible. Not only that, but this fintech company is also known for its reliable support team. Indeed, the CS Kredit Pintar is great.

What is Pinjaman Online Kredit Pintar?

For those who are still unfamiliar with Kredit Pintar, it is the pride of the rising Indonesian fintech: PT Kredit Indonesia. One of the reasons we always recommend their services is that it is all based online. Yes, that’s right! Unlike the olden days, you no longer have to physically leave your home to apply for loans. Everything can be done directly on your phone.

The user-friendly app is available to download on the Play Store. While it’s currently only available to Android users, the Kredit Pintar team is continuously working to bring it to the iOS platform too. In the app itself, you can complete the registration, validation, application, and payment quickly.

Have you ever realized that the most inconvenient thing about loans is often how long it takes to liquidate the funds? Here, the borrowing money process is incredibly fast. It may even take just five minutes for you to get the money!

There is no rush or pressure in paying that back either. Kredit Pintar accepts payment in instalments, which makes these online loans accessible to even more people. Apply for your first loan, complete your first payment, share your story with friends, get more loans, and watch as your credit score flourish.

Meanwhile, CS Kredit Pintar is the team of customer support. There is no need to worry about bumping into unforeseeable problems when applying for a loan. Whatever issue you may have, be assured that it will be quickly handled.

Accredited by OJK

Borrowing cash is always something to be careful with, especially when it comes to choosing the right lender. They should be trustworthy, reliable, and have a proven reputation. We understand that most people looking to get loans would be needing the money. This is all the more reason to have the right lender – it’s important not to complicate things!

The good news is that, the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia, or OJK for short, have a list of official institutions. Kredit Pintar is accredited by OJK, which means it is licensed, registered, approved, and operating under government control. Borrowing money will never feel more intuitive and safe!Indeed, there are plenty of benefits to applying for online loans with Kredit Pintar (pinjaman online Kredit Pintar). Not only is it approved by OJK, which means you can borrow money with peace of mind, it also provides the ultimate customer service and support. CS Kredit Pintar has been

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Swiss Holding Cow Level pioneer with a digitalized share register

Switzerland, 17th March 2021, ZEXPRWIREBlockchain is this magical tool that was supposed to revolutionize every industry imaginable. But so far there are surprisingly few use cases – so in partnership with Daura  AG Cow Level, a Swiss Holding decided to launch a digital share register.  

Everything happens on the blockchain at the press of a button – crowd shares, employee shares, founder shares. All you have to do is go to Click Here, tell us how many shares you are interested in. You’ll receive an invite to register at, go through a  light KYC process where you upload your id – our partner Daura will verify it, greenlight  

you for this brand new system and receive your stocks in no time and your entire stock  book is now digitized and heavily secured by an in-house Hyperledger Blockchain powered  by the swiss telephone giant Swisscom and SIX, one of the worldwide largest financial  service companies. 

Cow Level is a Majority Shareholder in FiPME, the First International Play Money  Exchange. A stock exchange like experience for the 159B US-Dollar strong global market of  video games.  

With Nike, BMW, Lamborghini, Burberry Louis Vuitton and many other brands  strengthening their investments into the gaming space, it’s clear that we are seeing the  rise of a new digital fashion economy. Think about the sneaker market – a piece of art  always rises in value. Not just a Monet, but also a Michael Jordan. So why wouldn’t a shoe  brand want to introduce virtual sneakers to this giant market of 3 Billion gamers out  there? And yes, you can limit it as well – that’s why an exchange is needed, so people can  bid on it and the market reflects the actual value of the item. 

Virtual fashion has a lot of advantages, it is infinitely scalable – you can sell it globally without a lot of overhead and FiPME will be the enabler for this market. For everyone – for companies, interested to boost their sales. And traders. If you love a brand, why not trade it to turn your passion into a career. When someone loves Call of Duty, he talks about his passion on Youtube and turns it into a career. When someone loves Sneakers, she shows it on Instagram and invests in rare shoes to sell them for a higher price later. Why won’t they want to the same in the digital space? With digital fashion.  FiPME will launch in 2021. To stay up to date on all business development, follow us on  Linkedin: Click Here.

Contact Details

Name: Benjamin Kratsch
Email ID:
Telephone: 0041 78218 99 96
Company: Cow Level AG
Location: Switzerland
Blegistrasse 1

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Receive well-crafted customized financial services from Iron Tax, Accounting & Financial Solutions specifically designed to address your business issues

United States, 16th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE If you are running a company, then it is important for you to have a thorough understanding of your company’s finances for future growth. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new startup, an established subsidiary, or a growing SMB; you can always be confident that your books can endure scrutiny in the hands of a financial services provider. Generally, every business must deal with issues that are related to financial services. This might include payment processing, payroll processing, accounting, banking, insurance, and taxes. Many entrepreneurs are now motivated to start a business influenced by a service or product. But, only when they are into it, these owners will realize that the majority of their time is now used to deal with tasks that are in no way related to what drew them to start the business.

Fortunately, there are various companies that were created to deal with financial solutions for small businesses. One such financial services provider who stands out from the rest with their exceptional services is Iron Tax, Accounting & Financial Solutions. As a full-service accounting and financial firm, Iron Tax offers a wide variety of services, including bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation/filing, and payroll to businesses of all sizes, yet it also has the flexibility to tailor services to fit their needs. Iron Tax, Accounting & Financial Solutions was founded in 2015 and is based in Oklahoma.

In conversation with Roger McCloud, Founder and CEO of Iron Tax, Accounting & Financial Solutions

Q. What are the latest technologies leveraged by you to provide exceptional financial services?

Iron Tax is always working on expanding our technology to assist our clients and staff by making our firm more efficient. Our proactive culture keeps us ahead of the curve on technology. For example, prior to the pandemic, Iron Tax was fully automated and virtual, allowing our staff to provide uninterrupted and consistent services to our clients.

Q. How do you manage to maintain the quality of the plethora of the services you offer?

We require all our employees, no matter the position to complete 100 hours of company paid continuing education each year that is specific to their practice within our firm. In addition, we have rigorous quality controls in place to ensure accuracy, consistency, and compliance. We are always working on advancing and improving the way we complete our work to ensure we meet the demand of our clients and potential clients.

Q. The financial technology – or FinTech – industry is one that is growing quickly, with an increasing number of companies offering an even greater number of online and mobile platforms. How do you distinguish your services from others?

Most of our competitors are losing touch with their clients. Unfortunately, this is a trend we hear far too often. Our clients are not just a number; they are a valuable part of our Iron Tax family. Because of this, we take pride in our traditional concept of building relationships with each client and intimately understanding their business, all while incorporating the current technologies we have in place.

Q. How do you balance the customer service aspect with the security aspects?

Each client is assigned a Client Relations Manager and accounting team that specifically work with that individual and their book of business. This ensures they get a quality customer service experience, while their information remains secure. Iron Tax has made information security a top priority and has policies in place to protect client data. For example, all our employees go through a rigorous background check prior to hire. In addition, they attend numerous training sessions each year on securing client information. This is how we balance the two aspects of Customer Service and Security.

Q. How do you integrate your solutions into the clients’ financial roadmap?

Iron Tax assumes the role of the CFO. While our competitors also offer similar CFO level services, they outsource the solutions and charge a premium rate. Our commitment is to keep the work in house, thus maintaining control of the financial spectrum and better understanding their accounting needs. We achieve this with open conversations, active listening, and needs-based assessments. This is our key to successful financial roadmap solutions.

Q. How do you market your services?

We make a consistent effort to market online via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and even guerilla marking tactics by utilizing Mail Chimp. We also found our clients’ praises have worked in our favor by consistently satisfying our customers and provided the most growth – referrals, referrals, referrals!

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Iron Tax has invested time into launching our tax planning services, which can increase our client’s savings by up to 60 to 70 percent for small businesses. We have worked with select companies and collectively saved over $2 million dollars in taxes through effective tax planning. We plan to launch our new tax planning services on November 1st. We are also in the final stages of developing a beta technology that provides instant communication between clients and our firm. This allows our clients to see the status of the service or services we are providing “real time”. This software offers some additional tools: 1) perpetual database, 2) phone app that allows communication and upload/access of documents, 3) ability to make appointments and 4) pay bills, just to name a few. – This will go live on January 1st.

Meet the leader behind the success of Iron Tax, Accounting & Financial Solutions

Roger McCloud is the Founder and CEO of Iron Tax, Accounting & Financial Solutions. He is originally from Russellville, Arkansas. After High School, Roger began his career in accounting at Jackson Hewitt. Following his time at Jackson Hewitt, Roger decided to further his education by attending Northwest Arkansas Community College, Indiana Bible College (IBC), and Mid-America Christian University (MACU) in Oklahoma City. Collectively Roger gained over 8 years’ experience in accounting and business management. Known for his visionary style of leadership, Roger started the company with the intent of helping both individuals and businesses grow their wealth.

Contact Details

Name: Roger McCloud
Email ID:
Phone Number: 918-302-1040
Company: IRON TAX Accounting & Financial Solutions
Country: USA
Address: 118 E Commercial street
Broken arrow, OK 74012

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