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Legal-Ease International announces the launch of its newly revamped website

Legal-Ease International, a leading provider in Legal English training and education, has announced the launch of its new website, offering a wide range of solutions for foreign businesses, law students, lawyers, and translators to study and master Legal English. The company is also a leading provider of Legal English tools, live seminars, books, and software to train and prepare legal professionals worldwide.

“We are proud to announce the launch of our new website, where you will find a more modern and user-friendly design, offering the same industry-leading services you have come to expect from our brand,” states Dena Falken, the Founder of Legal-Ease International.

The new website is designed to provide information on a complete range of seminars, live and online training courses, and software-based solutions for legal professionals. The online training courses in Legal English are practical, effective, enjoyable, and designed to fit your time commitments efficiently.

Legal-Ease International aims to provide support and understanding of the “Language of the Law” for legal professionals who may not speak English as their first language or may be relatively new to the legal profession. Considered by many to be the global standard in Legal English, Legal-Ease International Inc has trained countless lawyers, students, translators, and other legal professionals to master the intricate art of Legal English efficiently and effectively. 

While many assume the dichotomy between English and Legal English is minimal, the reality is that Legal English is a unique language with specific expressions and vocabulary. The correct use of the language is imperative to express precisely what one wishes, both in writing and speaking.

The company offers online courses directly on its website, where users can seamlessly engage with the practical and easy-to-follow coursework and audio presentations and eventually master Legal English. At the end of the course, participants become certified and receive a diploma in Legal English. Students will have access to legal experts and excellent reference materials, including books, writing tips, software, and more.

The website also offers an extensive online directory of professionals and experts in various fields, providing an excellent resource to find the right specialist you are looking for.

The new website is a one-stop shop for Legal English needs.

To learn more, visit or contact

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Hemp-based Regenerative Eco-Tampons and Maxi Pads

Los Angeles, California 2021 – Over the course of a lifetime, a person who menstruates is predicted to throw away roughly 400 pounds of packaging from menstrual products. Most tampons, pads and liners are currently made of a mix of cotton and synthetic fibers like rayon. Menstrual pads can contain up to 90% plastic, while nearly all commercial tampon products contain some sort of non-recyclable chemical by-product. Most of these toxic ingredients will end up in landfills, sewer systems or in our water ways.

RIF (Regenerative International Female llc) was established with the goal to offer hemp-based carbon negative solutions within the industry. Their aim is to go beyond low waste and to provide regenerative products that are made using agricultural practices that draw down carbon. Hemp is the fiber of the cannabis plant and forms the ideal product to achieve this goal. It is among the fasting growing plants on earth. Per acre, 15000 pounds of hemp can be produced while cotton only produces 500 pounds of raw product per acre. It is considered to be a carbon negative crop as it captures and stores more CO2 than it generates per harvest cycle.

Hemp fibers are naturally more absorbent than cotton as they have a large surface area. This allows hemp-made menstrual pads and tampons to be more sustainable and durable. While mold and fungi thrive on cotton, hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. RIF products are therefore not only eco-friendly but their toxin-free products also provide a healthier option for consumers. RIF products are 100% biodegradable as they are free of synthetic materials, and are exclusively made in Europe. Their European partners use clean processes, such as renewable energy, to upstage the hemp fiber allowing the final product to be a clean smooth hemp fiber that is of equal quality to fine cotton.

Valerie Emanuel is the founder Regenerative International Female LLC, RIF, the world’s first regenerative feminine hygiene company. She is a mother, an activist and a native Angeleno. She believes that RIF can set a new standard in regenerative and eco-friendly business through menstrual products. Regenerative innovations are the future and Val is on a mission to blaze the trail for future female founders. RIF will be donating 2% of its profits to support the Violence Intervention Program (VIP) in Los Angeles. This organization is dedicated to help victims of family violence and sexual assault. You can be a part of this movement by preordering RIF products and supporting their Kickstarter campaign at

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SÖNER – Start Your Legacy, Mechanical Square Watches!

Gothenburg, Sweden, 2021 – A watch often says a lot about a person wearing it. It is a reflection of one’s personality and refined sense of style. It shows individualism and thus facilitates much more than timekeeping. SÖNER is a watch brand that aims to create elegant timepieces that can be passed on through generations. Composed on the Swedish west coast, their watches follow the nation’s tradition of exquisite design and quality and are guaranteed to impress.

The SÖNER brand was established in 2019 and their first watch, the Legacy, was a great success.  Their high-quality quartz watches are carefully designed to capture the essence of the 1920s art deco movement. Inspired by the square and rectangular shapes that dominate architecture and contemporary design even today, their time pieces stand out in a market that is dominated by circular-shaped watches.

They are proud to be introducing their latest design; the SÖNER MOMENTUM. This modern automatic watch has a proven minimalistic design that combines originality with high quality at an affordable price point. Only the best available components were hand-picked to ensure high quality. The case of the SÖNER Momentum watch is cast from one solid piece of high-quality stainless steel and thanks to its arched back, sits comfortably around the wrist. The Momentum watch has an impressive 100 meters pressure water resistance, and the luminous hands and indices are protected by sapphire crystal with two layers of anti-reflective coating. Underneath the dial resides the high-performance Miyota cal. 9039 Japanese automatic movement, which guarantees many carefree years of accurate timekeeping. As finishing touch, the watch is fitted with a custom-made crown that carries the embossed SÖNER logo.

SÖNER’s straps include a leather variant custom made from genuine calf leather. The leather straps come in alligator and plain finishes in 6 charming variations. They also have a stainless-steel vvariant, which is available in steel and gold finishes. These straps can easily be adjusted to fit your wrist without the use of any tools. Each strap is equipped with a quick release system and a fashionably functional spring-loaded butterfly clasp that has the SÖNER logo engraved.

SÖNER was founded by Freddie Palmgren to challenge the status quo of round-dial watches and to create something that is both original and truly timeless. The Swedish word SÖNER translates to sons in English. Freddie captures the deep father-son bond by creating a logo that tributes his two sons William and Widar.  They are proudly inviting you to become a part of the SÖNER family by backing their project on Kickstarter and supporting this campaign for their new Momentum watch. The rewards they are offering include 7 different Momentum watches with a choice of 9 different straps. By contributing to their campaign, you will not only acquire an outstanding timepiece, but you will also have the opportunity to become part of a community of watch lovers and designers where your voice and feedback are heard and incorporated in future designs. Check it out on Kickstarter at 

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The LAB Host 2nd Annual Turkey Drive to Feed Families and Homeless In Need

Lab logo

Serving the homeless and families in need

Smyrna, Georgia Nov 11, 2021 ( – East Point, GA – The LAB will partner with The Legacy Center, The Mario West Foundation, and Project 730 for its 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway.

COVID-19 safety measures will be followed as frozen turkeys, cranberry sauce with two sides packaged and distributed into cars. Additionally, hot meals and toiletries will be passed out to the homeless and families in need. “In a time of year where togetherness and thankfulness are top-of-mind, many families face hardships and struggles. As a result, they seek to support and community during this holiday season. “Through this turkey drive, we are dedicated to delivering a happy Thanksgiving for all underserved, and the generosity and goodwill of others are greatly needed and appreciated,” commented Jermal McCoy, CEO of The LAB.

The Thanksgiving drive-thru food distribution will take place on November 20, 2021, from 9:00, am – 1:00 pm at the Legacy Center at 3015 RN Martin Street in East Point, Ga.

About The LAB

The LAB is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization that provides life skill programs to athletes current and past to help them succeed in life outside of sports through mentorships, education, and community outreach. For more information, visit

About Project 730

Project 730’s Mission is to combat the barriers to sustainability that affect the homeless and the underserved by providing commonly neglected or unobtainable items such as food, personal care items, and a nurturing support system. For more information, visit

About Mario West Foundation

The Mission is to provide benevolent service to those in need serving the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. For more information, visit

About The Legacy Center

Conveniently located in East Point, Georgia, just 5 minutes away from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, The Legacy Center was the first acquisition from the Tulsa Real Estate Fund. The Legacy Center offers space for any event. For more information, visit

Lab logo

Source :Full Circle Consulting Group LLC

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Victory Crypto Launch Helps Beginners Earn Money During this Crypto Gold Rush

Earlier today, published a thorough and unbiased consumer review of Victory Crypto. The conclusion being that while it excels in having a user friendly interface that beginners will find incredibly easy to use. In addition, the software (which does all the research) requires a minimal amount of cash before becoming a member.

While other sites do not assign a specialized broker to a clients portfolio who will oversee the investment strategy. Many sites today deliver poor quality work and consumer review sites often focus solely on promoting just the good qualities of a product in order to make affiliate sales. Coinmarketology strives to tell the complete story.

The crypto market is one of the most volatile markets people will ever invest in due to its high-risk level. A newbie trader who has no or little experience in the industry may find everything an enigma.

It’s all about making money in the crypto market. It can be hard to find a legitimate product or service that genuinely wants to help people profit as there are so many scams out there.

The following extract makes a good summary of the review:

Coinmarketology was created by Brent Cashio 2021. Brent got the idea for the site when he saw a need for honest reviews in the cryptocurrency field after noticing a growing trend of biased and reciprocal reviews.

Since it first went online, Coinmarketology has published over 100 reviews on products in the Cryptocurrency market and always aims to provide a trusted, legitimate site for the latest crypto info, with its reviews.

Brent also adds “For any consumer wanting to check the legitimacy or a review, or know if they can trust the source, I advise you to don’t trust reviews that are all perfect 5 star ratings.”

Coinmarketology’s complete and unbiased write up and review of Victory Crypto can be found at


8801 Bocage Place

River Ridge
United States

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Sourceless Blockchain Board at Larnaca Conferences 2021 – The reality of tomorrow’s AI – Robotics

sourceless blockchain team at larnaca conferences 2021 iulian bondari and alexandru stratulat formwe

Sourceles Blockchain Board will be present at Larnaca Conferences, where various topics on AI & Robotics will be discussed. Differentiating self-serving and illusive dreams from factual models and actual possibilities.

Dover, Delaware Nov 11, 2021 ( – Sourceless Blockchain Board at Larnaca Conferences
Topic: The reality of tomorrow’s AI & Robotics
Date: Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021

The 2 participants from Sourceless Blockchain are:

Keynote: Bart de Witte, Hippo-Ai Foundation Berlin, is a leading and renowned expert on digital transformation in healthcare in Europe, but also one of the most progressive thought leaders in his field.

Interviewer: Gitta Peyn, systems researcher and cyberneticist, co-developer of FORMWELT and WELTFORM, founder of the FORMWELTen Institute for Renewing Systems Research and the Larnaca Conferences.

Panel: Iulian Bondari, Gitta Peyn, Alexandru Stratulat, Bart de Witte

Moderators: Martin Geisenhainer (eLearning and social collaboration in agencies and software houses.), Rebekka Manos (expert in facilitating transformation and cultivating an atmosphere that nourishes growth and personal development).

Chat Moderator: Patrick Kappeler (organizational consultant and narrative architect on the DNA of companies and facilitates transformation and decision-making processes).

Online Forum Expert: Cadell Last (a general thinker interested in questions about human existence and evolution. He is the author of ‘Global Brain Singularity’ and ‘Sex, Masculinity, God’).

Session Facilitation: Daniel Dick (his scientific home is system science, social and cultural anthropology and consciousness research, his spiritual home is a pantheistic pragmatism with a focus on Vajrayana Buddhism and the aesthetics are part of enjoying beauty in nature, culture and between beings), Robert Fuhrmann (a pleasantly curious conversational partner who creates spaces for change through his questions, understanding complexity, in communication and the use of words, in structuring large quantities of information and he’s empathetic towards people).

Larnaca conferences, established in 2018, focus on THE prevailing topics of our age. They function as social sculptures. The goal is not necessarily to find more answers, we have enough of that. What we need is active, intelligently directed interaction between people of different backgrounds, education, worldviews. What we need is human superintelligence.

On each Saturday and Sunday afternoon throughout November, there will be a central theme in a panel on which people from around the world share ideas, raise new questions not previously considered, and form working groups to address them.
In the first hour of the panel, 4-5 experts will give a statement on the keynote, each from their own perspective.

After that the group’s Audience and Backstage will separate as follows:
The audience continues the dialogue in the chat, accompanied by an online expert and a chat moderator. Backstage ticket holders can spend two one-hour facilitated breakout sessions at and with a panelist of choice, continuing discussion and networking. In both cases, the goal is to uncover blind spots and raise new questions. Essences from chat and breakouts will be posted on Carl Auer in the aftermath.

More details about the conferences:

Sourceless founder Alexandru Stratulat will talk about humanity’s need for artificial intelligence and about the platform based on the new web. The platform is based on blockchain technology. It is reliable and protected from forgery of databases and we want to give some extra advantages to people by implementing GPT-3 Open AI and Formwelt into the platform.

Formwelt is a coding language for language and meaning. It is a linguistic system based on an injunction to acquire a definition. The kernel is semantically self-sufficient. It contains the basic concepts which are needed to describe any thinkable or perceivable phenomenon.
And, Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. It is the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series created by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence research laboratory.

Come and support one of the most ambitious projects since THE invention of printing!

alexandru stratulat sourceless blockchain larnaca conferencesiulian bondari sourceless blockchain larnaca conferencessourceless blockchain at larnaca conferences 2021 iulian bondari and alexandru stratulatsourceless blockchain with the help of ai formwelt and gpt3

Media Contact

Sourceless Inc.

Source :Sourceless Inc.

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Lived – Learned Event with Actress Kelly Rutherford November 17th

Lived  Learned Logo

CW’s Gossip Girl lead Kelly Rutherford shares her trials and tribulations through life at our Lived & Learned event in Beverly Hills, CA.

Los Angeles, California Nov 11, 2021 ( – Kelly Rutherford is set to speak on November 17th at Spring Place in Beverly Hills for Knock Out Abuse’s Lived and Learned Event in conjunction with The New Feminist Podcast. Kelly will answer Knock Out Abuse West’s lived and learned questions with an audience Q&A to follow at the end.

Kelly will share her wisdom, her successes, and the challenges that she has faced throughout her life. It will be an enlightening and enriching evening of advice, experience, and growth.

“We are so excited to have Kelly share experiences. She has been through an immense amount of pain and struggle and would like the world to know her story. Everyone will get to know the 2012 nightmare that took place that left her broken and bankrupt,” says The New Feminist Host Jill Sorensen.

Kelly speaks out against domestic issues and seeks to bring light to these topics. Kelly has been in an international custody battle for the last 10 years spanning Los Angeles to Monaco and is fighting for family court reform to help women all over the world dealing with the same situation. She has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS talking about this issue and Vanity Fair did an article highlighting the court battle. She is best known for her role as Lily van Der Woodsen on CW. Her most recent projects include playing Laura Wyatt in the ABC hit series Quantico and an online talk show for The View.

Lived and Learned is an event that allows for women to speak on their experience on abuse, domestic issues, and common sense feminism. This event for Kelly Rutherford will take place at Spring Place in Beverly Hills on November 17th, 2021 from 6-9 pm. For more information and to buy your tickets to this event, please visit: To listen to our podcast for Kelly Rutherford and Sara Ell please visit To follow The New Feminist on social media, please visit: To follow Knock Out Abuse on social media please visit:

Media Contact: Bobbi Chinlund Knock Out Abuse West (310) 709-6664

Kelly RutherfordLived  Learned with Donna Karan 2019Lived  Learned with Carre Otis 2019Lived  Learned with Carnie Wilson 2019

Media Contact

Knock Out Abuse West / Bobbi Chinlund

(310) 709-6664

Source :Knock Out Abuse West

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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Garage Door Repair Services Minneapolis – Expert Garage Door Installation

The company’s expanded service coverage allows it to repair garage door springs, openers, cables, panels, and more on either a scheduled or emergency for any garage door repair in Minneapolis

Lifetime Garage Door Repair has announced this wider coverage on the heels of its most recent expansion into the city of Edina. The company, which prides itself on superior customer service and recognizes the urgency of many situations, will make its technicians available at any residence within a 2-hour window.

The U.S. market size for garage door installations is well over $350 million and is expected to grow considerably. While the average garage door can last over ten years, regular maintenance – especially in colder climates like Minnesota – is required to prevent unexpected and costly emergency breakdowns. In addition, the Twin Cities have experienced a growth rate of over 10% in the last decade, spread across both metropolitan and suburban areas, where installations are more prevalent.

Minneapolis garage door repair springs are frequently the first component to break, but the company’s expert technicians can tune-up, lubricate, and re-balance a variety of other components to keep garage doors in good working order. Problems that can be addressed include worn-out motors, damaged cables, disengaged trolleys, and malfunctioning safety sensors.

A shoddy repair job can ruin a garage door or opener, and it can also pose dangers; approximately 20,000 accidents occur annually, by most estimates. Both the extension and torsion types of garage door openers are tightly wound and can suddenly snap, putting individuals at risk of severe injury. Lifetime Garage Door Repair’s technicians always take the necessary precautions when installing, removing, and repairing all door components.

Lifetime Garage Door Repair Of Minneapolis is a family-owned and operated business serving Minneapolis, St Paul, and the surrounding areas. The company’s bonded and insured technicians are trained on all makes and models of garage doors and will provide quality workmanship at an affordable price.

One recent reviewer commented: “Communication is important for me, and the minute I called I reached someone on a Sunday, and not only did I reach someone, but the technician also came out that same day. Thank you, and I will definitely be using you and sharing this info with my real estate team.”

More details can be found at

Lifetime Garage Door Repair
Lifetime Garage Door Repair

2920 Bryant Ave S Unit 333

United States

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Melissa Lemon Balm Essential Oil Uses Cold Sores Benefits Aromatherapy Report

Loving Essential Oils announced the publication of its updated report, “Discover 7 Melissa Essential Oil Benefits”. This report shares some of the most popular benefits of Melissa Oil, also called Lemon Balm Oil, as well as simple, easy ways to incorporate it into your daily routine.

More information is available at

The highly acclaimed essential oils blog’s new report contains many tips for anyone interested in using Melissa Essential Oil topically or aromatically. It explains how the addition of Melissa essential oil (also known as Lemon Balm essential oil) can improve nerves, moods, relaxation, sleep, skin, and cold sores.

Melissa is a type of essential oil that comes from the leaves and flowers of an evergreen shrub. This plant has been used for centuries in folk remedies to treat bronchitis, coughs, spasms, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

This oil is a rare one that has strong soothing properties, and a sweet and refreshing aroma. The scent of Melissa can be therapeutic as it’s known to reduce stress levels and induce feelings of happiness.

Melissa essential oil is widely regarded as one of the most versatile oils because it can be used both topically (on skin) or aromatically (in the air). When applied topically is has been said to help with headache relief, improve respiratory function, reduce inflammation in the airways, soothe muscle aches, and boost immunity.

Loving Essential Oils is a family-owned company that is loved by essential oil fans and aromatherapy enthusiasts for its practical tips and easy DIY recipes. They also offer several essential oil resource guides available for purchase.

Loving Essential Oils founder, Jennifer Lane, a Certified Aromatherapist, states: “I have been making natural products for my home and family for many years and I am happy to share my knowledge with others. These tips on using Melissa oil will help people discover how to use this essential oil in their daily lives and the many benefits it offers.”

More information on the newly released Melissa Essential Oil report and its numerous benefits or the valuable tips on how to easily start using it topically or aromatically along with a multiple other essential oil articles, DIY tips and recipes that Loving Essential Oils provides are available at the website link provided above or at

Loving Essential Oils
Loving Essential Oils

1043 Garland Ave
Unit C #760
San Jose
United States

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Downtown Calgary AB SEO Inbound Marketing – Visibility/Ranking Campaigns Launch

Focused on improving organic search results, the updated services utilize on-page and off-page techniques to help clients achieve first-page search results within a one-year timeframe.

More details can be found at:

With more businesses moving towards a digital-first approach, the level of competition for favourable search results is also on the rise. The latest methods from SearchBeyond are designed to give businesses located in Downtown Calgary a greater degree of visibility.

Search engines such as Google rely on complex algorithms to determine which websites should rank first. The processes used to achieve better rankings are known as search engine optimization (SEO). As algorithms are regularly updated, the techniques deployed by marketing agencies must also constantly evolve.

Organic search results are those which appear below paid ads, and research has shown that organic results drive significantly more website traffic. As first-page rankings are much more likely to generate leads, SearchBeyond’s updated services focus on high-quality, organic SEO methods. While this can take more time, the company states that this approach is longer lasting and builds greater website value.

Localization is one of the more recent developments in the Google algorithm. As an example, someone who is conducting a search in Downtown Calgary will receive results from businesses in that specific area. As such, the agency now tailors its SEO with localization in mind, helping local businesses gain visibility for the most relevant queries.

For additional information please see:

Having offered full-service SEO campaigns since 2018, SearchBeyond also applies more traditional techniques. These include keyword and content optimization, as well as on-page and off-page strategies. As part of the recent launch, the company now offers a complimentary SEO audit to help businesses understand areas for improvement.

About SearchBeyond

In addition to SEO, SearchBeyond also provides website design and digital marketing services. The agency’s approach is to build strong and lasting relationships that result in better outcomes.

A company representative stated: “To organically rank a website, it does take some time. In our experience, all of our client websites have ranked on page one for all agreed-upon keywords within our specified one-year guarantee.”

Interested parties can learn more by visiting:

Other references:


823 Coach Side Crescent SW


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