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Estate Housekeeper Staff Shortage Across the U.S.

Beverly Hills, California Jun 27, 2022 ( – Private Chefs Inc. specializes in high-end Private Chef placements; however, we also place House Managers, Butlers House Keepers, and other auxiliary staff. Currently, there is a major Qualified Housekeeper shortage across the U.S., therefore we have several openings that we are trying to fill.

Full-time, live-out, Estate positions available:

Housekeeper position open in Summit NJ.

Housekeeper position in Cleveland Ohio

Caregiver position in Cleveland Ohio

Some advice for Private Chefs:

More and more clients these days are now requesting Chefs that have more extensive knowledge of Healthy food options, such as Vegan, Vegetarian low-fat cuisines, etc.

We, therefore, highly recommend that private chefs take some of these types of courses to widen their repertoire and to be more competitive in the current job market:

Plant-based cuisine

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness

Heart Healthy cooking

Sugar Detox and Healthy Eating

Sugar-free desserts, Gluten-Free desserts

Nutritional courses to increase their repertoire to include Nutritional and Healthy foods

All our current open job listings can be found on our website:
If interested, send your resume to

Media Contact

Private Chefs Inc

(310) 278 4707

Source :Private Chefs Incorporated

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Maternity Nurse of the Year 2022: Cheryl Foster

Screenshot 20220516 111155 Gallery

For the second year in a row, we find Cheryl Foster as the Maternity Nurse of the Year, continuing to provide excellent support and guidance through one of the most gruelling periods in a new mother and child’s life.

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Jun 28, 2022 ( – In 2016, Cheryl Foster decided to leverage her previous years of midwifery and maternity nurse experience into her consultancy service: Maternity Mum. Decades of experience, education, and empathy (accumulated over 20 years) are used to assist and care for new mothers and their babies.

Cheryl has always been open about her love for nurturing the relationships between parents, families, and newborn babies.

She delivers holistic care based on both her own extensive experience and research within the field. Cheryl subsequently empowers mothers and allows them to make important and informed choices and parenting decisions whilst providing professional, one-to-one care. Providing 24-hour live-in maternity nurse services (25/6 or 24/5) on six to twelve-week contracts by default across the country and abroad. However, these contracts are also flexible, with the day or night maternity services completely flexible for individual customers’ needs.

Cheryl also offers night nanny services and specialist care for mothers and babies.

For babies, aid for a variety of feedings options – breast, bottle, and cup feeding – information and teaching on looking out for problems and illness as well as general baby care

There is active care for those having gone through caesarean section, instrumental delivery or sustained a perineal tear, looking to prevent infection. Providing other care to bolster emotional, psychological, and physical health following delivery.

Cheryl’s goal is to help mothers and babies safely recuperate following childbirth whilst fostering a warm, healthy, and loving relationship between the mother and child in the process. Working from as little as a single day to as long as six months on longer contracts, her client’s satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Though it is a great business and a noble goal, Cheryl has not been immune from the problems the pandemic has laid on us all. Seeing a dramatic decrease in bookings for consultation and assistance during the lockdowns, but that in no way stopped her from helping. She created a suite of tools and services for new mothers to use online, including a comprehensive Breastfeeding Support Guide, Interview Tips on what to ask a maternity nurse hosts a blog on her website with pages of valuable tips and tricks for new parents to take advantage of. All completely free. Antenatal and postnatal care from a woman with experience is something you can guarantee with Cheryl.

Fully insured with an enhanced DBS, the first-aid certificate for paediatric care, a full driving licence and – importantly – excellent references, Cheryl is well equipped and willing to work across the nation and overseas, to ensure any new parent in need of professional help and support with their new baby receives the best.

Screenshot 20220516 112240 GalleryScreenshot 20220516 111753 Drive20200715 212715Screenshot 20220516 112507 Gallery

Media Contact

Maternity Mum

07557 133711

Do not include

Source :Maternity Mum

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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The Colony, TX Structured Data Cabling Installation For CCTV & AV Expanded

Residents of The Colony now have access to data cable installations that allow for high-speed transmission of audio and video. These services are available for private residential properties and for large-scale commercial surveillance or communication systems.

To learn more, visit

TexTech can install Cat5 and Cat6 cable systems to provide high-speed internet through Ethernet connection. The systems TexTech works with can upgrade the data transmission capabilities of any network for any purpose, although their cables work especially well for AV feeds.

The company has recently adopted fiber optic cable as one of its staples, which are all but necessary for large-scale commercial data operations. At only a slight increase in cost over traditional DSL or Ethernet connections, fiber optic data cabling can increase speeds by a factor of ten.

TexTech can improve the efficiency of large commercial operations, and in the past they have performed installation work for Amazon and Walmart distribution centers. Maintaining a robust data transmission infrastructure is essential to the function of large enterprises, but can be exponentially helpful for smaller businesses too.

For private residences, Ethernet and fiber optic cable installations can boost internet speeds and improve access in areas that are underserved by 5G or wifi services. The company can install these systems and more, with a special focus on private centralized security systems that can be monitored from anywhere in the world.

In either the home or the office, TexTech can install TV mounts and hook them up to the requisite cabling. Their professional mounts are ideal for bars, restaurants, medical offices, and more, with the same level of quality available to private residences as well.

One customer provided the following testimonial: “I had a great experience and highly recommend using TexTech. Raul was quick to respond and very helpful throughout the process. I was looking to get two TVs wall-mounted in my new home and Raul was able to provide both wall mounts and LED strips at a great price.”

To find out more, visit

TexTech Systems

1609 Morning Dove Dr

United States

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West Lake Hills, TX Running Gait Analysis For Runners Knee Prevention Updated

The new running analysis is the first phase of restoring athletes to their peak running form without substantial downtime and helps avoid runners knee. The clinic’s therapists can perform the analysis on adults, children and teenagers.

More details are available at and recent media coverage here

With the newly announced procedure, athletes, especially runners, in West Lake Hills do not have to stop running entirely because of an injury but can adjust their running technique to avoid the same injury and further complications.

The running analysis, like other procedures at the clinic, begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the problem region. To conduct a thorough analysis, Axiom Physiotherapy uses a high-speed 120 frame-per-second camera that focuses on both the rear and side views.

Immediately after the real-time evaluation of the patient’s running form, the clinic’s therapists provide feedback that helps them get them back to running at their best with no restrictions. Changes to the patient’s running form can be made after the initial evaluation.

Within 24 hours following the procedure, patients receive a full frame-by-frame analysis with comments on the recordings. They also receive a written report and access to a home workout video collection to help them with their unique running demands.

Every clinic appointment maximizes the success of the patient’s therapy and gets them back to doing what they love and need to do as soon as possible. Axiom Physiotherapy takes pleasure in its attention to detail. Before the run analysis, the physiotherapy clinic evaluates the patient’s injury history, shoes, distance, and prospective injury concerns. A session can last 50 to 60 minutes.

About Axiom Physiotherapy

Axiom Physiotherapy was founded by Dr. Ben Shook, a physical therapist with over eight years of experience. The clinic has a staff of highly trained experts in manual therapy, trigger point dry needling, and therapeutic exercise.

A spokesperson for the clinic said: “At Axiom Physiotherapy, we encourage a transparent environment where you, as the patient, are free to provide input on your treatment. We will check in with you to see how our interventions are coming along and invite your feedback to ensure your treatment is going as intended.”

Interested parties can find more information on the updated running analysis by visiting

Axiom Physiotherapy

1015 Beecave Woods Dr #300f

United States

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Nashville Street Patching For Home Builders | Asphalt Repair Guide Released

In their latest report, Gaddes Strategic lends its expertise in asphalt patching to help local builders complete the plumbing and electric phase of their projects more quickly and efficiently.

More details are available at

Building a home involves digging a trench for water and sewer taps that are usually temporarily patched with a cold mix asphalt before filling the hole permanently, a procedure that comes after the plumbing job has been completed and inspected. Gaddes Strategic explains in their recently released report how general contractors in Davidson County can employ just one solution to shorten the asphalt patching process for trench repairs and move on to their next project as soon as possible.

By contacting the team, builders can skip the temporary patch process by covering the hole with hot mix asphalt right after the taps have been installed and the project has been granted exploitation approval. Gaddes Strategic can schedule the metro street patch after the plumbing job has been finished after arranging this with the plumber responsible for the project.

The asphalt repair company eliminates temporary asphalt patching by either doing the full-depth permanent patch on the same day or filling the trench to the surface with the binder before returning to apply the top layer of hot asphalt and roll. The resulting metro street patch has a smooth surface with a long lifespan.

By hiring a company that specializes in metro street patching, local contractors can spare costs associated with steel plate rentals, additional labor, and materials to install the temporary patch.

About Gaddes Strategic LLC

Gaddes Strategic LLC is a Nashville, Tennessee-based asphalt repair and maintenance company with over 60 years of experience in concrete, asphalt, and dump trucking. The company’s mission is to help clients diagnose and properly scope repairs needed for their asphalt surfaces. Its services include thermoplastic pavement markings, pothole and asphalt repairs, and asphalt seal coating and line striping. For more information, visit

A spokesperson for the company said: “Gaddes Strategic, LLC is agile and responsive to general contractors’ needs. We strive to perform the project accurately and save you money, whether it’s by repairing trenches to eliminate steel plate expenditures or by completing projects promptly.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

Gaddes Strategic LLC

2042 Convent Place

United States

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USA Medical Expert Witness For Malpractice/Personal Injury Cases Service Updated

Homestead Medical Experts are now offering customized recruitment of medical expert witnesses for personal injury, medical malpractice and insurance defense cases. The business works with medical professionals that provide case evaluations, independent medical reviews and more.

For more information, visit:

This latest announcement positions Homestead Medical Experts as one of the leading witness procurement specialists in the country.

The role of an expert witness in a case is to provide outside technical analysis of the evidence in a case. Expert witnesses can be hugely important in a case, and by explaining complex or nuanced information in an understandable manner they can sway the opinion of a judge or jury.

As part of their expanded services, Homestead Medical Experts can connect attorneys with experts in admin, nursing, surgery and other areas of medicine. Attorneys can access experts with specialized knowledge, including COVID-19, neurology, orthopedic surgery and more.

The business employs over 1000 experts around the country giving clients unparalleled access to experts in a range of medical fields. Using advanced case management software, the business can quickly find an expert to fit any case.

Homestead Medical Experts prides itself on its honesty and professionalism. This means that the experts on staff will give their full opinion, including if they do not believe there is a strong case.

Prospective clients can schedule a complimentary consultation with the business. Simply fill out a short form on the website and a representative from the business will respond promptly to discuss the specifics of the case.

Founded in 2015, Homestead Medical Experts has since gained a strong reputation for its professional services and high-quality expert witnesses. With this announcement, the business reaffirms its commitment to providing attorneys with the recruitment services necessary to find knowledgeable expert witnesses.

A spokesperson for the company said: “At Homestead Medical Experts we are proud to provide an effective and convenient service to help attorneys communicate and work with our expert witnesses to provide the best outcomes in any form of litigation. Our medical professionals are all vetted experts in their fields and sourced from around the country.”

Interested parties can find out more about Homestead Medical Services by visiting:

Homestead Medical Experts
116 Village Blvd
Suite 200
United States

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Westlake Village Local Law Firm Visibility & GMB Optimization Services Updated

In order to see whether or not prospective clients qualify for the latest digital marketing service, a quiz has been released on the company website. This determines the needs of each law firm and aligns them with the right service for brand growth.

More information can be found at:

The new service expansion continues the company’s vision of attracting more leads for local law firms. It relies on a proven lead generation process that includes GMB solutions, reputation marketing, and website design.

A strong website is the foundation of any digital marketing strategy, and Local Attorneys Online provides law firms with the tools they need to create a more engaging and robust web presence. This includes creating compelling landing pages, which can then be paired with social marketing strategies.

California law firms seeking ways to grow their online visibility can rely on proven content strategies to expand their reach. By ranking higher on Google, firms build their credibility and get more consistent work.

The latest industry research shows that the majority of consumers have more confidence in companies they find at the top of search rankings. The expanded service from Local Attorneys Online enables attorneys to start attracting more consistent leads with a range of different marketing options.

Because law firms rely on local search traffic, one of the most beneficial aspects of the service is GMB optimization. This targets leads who are already interested in legal services in the local area.

A GMB listing with positive reviews and professional information can drive more website clicks and phone calls for the firm.

Local Attorneys Online is an online resource and marketing site dedicated to pairing California residents with the right legal counsel for their situation. The company’s marketing quiz is available now.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “Need help getting ratings and social media reviews for your business? We can help you to look good and stand out from your competitors. Let’s face it, if your prospective customer sees one bad review about your business, it could turn them into a customer for your competition.”

Interested parties can learn more at:

Media Absolutely

9891 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200,

United States

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Fort Collins Instagram Marketing For SMBs | Local Hotspot Brand Guide Launch

The new report is tailored to small and medium businesses and underscores the importance of using Instagram as part of a multi-faceted content strategy. Local companies can build stronger connections with their audience and drive more sales through targeted campaigns.

For more information, please visit:

By reading the latest release, small businesses will learn how to make dramatic improvements to their social channel engagement. The report encourages creativity through the use of photos of local landmarks, which will businesses to show their character and build trust with their followers.

Current industry research shows that Instagram has over 2 billion active users, with the majority being under 34 years old, a prime demographic for many local businesses.

However, for smaller companies, it can often be hard to create a content strategy and begin implementing it with regular content production. Working with a marketing agency like Social Marketing Solutions can help business owners gain traction in a more effective, stress-free way.

The company aligns with both B2B and B2C brands and offers customized solutions that build visibility for their services and products.

Instagram has several ways for local SMBs to advertise their offerings in Fort Collins. They can use stories, live video chats, reels, and individual posts with captions to communicate with local customers and connect with prospects.

Social Marketing Solutions emphasizes that in today’s landscape, it’s important to have a strong social presence. The most engaged platforms for businesses include LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

The expert marketing agency has experience working with clients of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs. Interested parties are encouraged to call to discuss their goals and see how they can elevate their social marketing campaigns.

A spokesperson for the agency says of their service: “Social Marketing Solutions, LLC, is a marketing and PR agency located in historic Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado, servicing clients locally and nationally. SMS specializes in online branding utilizing today’s latest social marketing tactics to tell your organization’s story to potential customers, making it easier for them to find your website and purchase your products or services.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit:

Social Marketing Solutions
1220 West Mountain Avenue

United States

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US College Debt & Student Loan Crisis Documentary Crowdfunding Announced

Study With Marq and Mason Aksamit, a young entrepreneur and the author of ‘The One-Year Diploma: Start Your Career Without Student Loan Debt’ are now calling for financial backers for their new documentary, called ‘A Documentary to End the Student Debt Crisis’.

More details can be found at

As student debt in America spirals to its highest levels ever, the goal of the new documentary is to liberate the next generation of young Americans by showing them that there is a better and cheaper way to achieve their educational goals.

According to the latest figures on the student debt crisis in the US, in 2022, Americans owe $1.75 trillion in student loans, a sum that increases by $100 billion every year. According to Bloomberg Data, student loans are the fasting growing segment of household debt in the country, having grown by more than 157% in just over a decade.

With an increasing emphasis on both undergraduate and Master’s degrees in the US, many young people accept these unfathomable levels of debt as an unalterable fact of life. However, Study With Marq and Mason Aksamit believe differently.

As such, the mission of their documentary is to educate viewers about how they can ‘test out’ of their degrees using the CLEP exams system. The filmmakers estimate that most people can effectively complete a bachelor’s degree in just over one year and for under $10,000, almost $30,000 less than the standard undergraduate debt in the US.

Interested readers can access more information on the documentary at

Small contributors to the crowdsourcing phase of production will enjoy benefits like a free e-book, paperback or signed copy of Aksamit’s book, depending on their contribution. Bigger backers will enjoy an Executive Producer credential and private coaching sessions on how to use CLEP exams to obtain a bachelor’s degree sooner and for less.

Study With Marq is a popular online learning platform that has been helping college students across the US pass their CLEP exams and fast-track their undergraduate degrees since 2017.

A spokesperson for the platform said, “We are giving the people of the United States a way to be debt-free with a bachelor’s degree. This documentary will expose a hole in our education system. It will bring awareness to our country that they can save thousands on their degrees. We could eliminate the student debt crisis for students for years to come. Whatever you can donate will help achieve this goal.”

More information is available at

Study With Marq
1741 Eastlake Pkwy

United States

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Why Online Adult Education Degree’s Are Widely Popular

At William Peace University, adults can earn a college degree entirely online. As an adult, working a full-time job and parenting can take up most of the day. WPU helps working adults get a degree through online courses. Click here to learn more about the different degree options at William Peace University. Here is how WPU offers one of the best online adult education programs in the research triangle.

Online adult education degrees at WPU offer many benefits like flexibility and access to resources that traditional college students have. At WPU, adults can learn while juggling home and work life. With flexible courses, adults can take their time and learn at their own pace. Flexibility throughout course loads significantly benefits those who are always busy.

In discussing course work while pursuing an online adult degree, an admissions counselor at William Peace University said:

“Online Adult Education Degrees here at William Peace University are widely popular. With the ability to work at your own pace and have flexibility throughout the course, more and more adults are looking to pursue a degree again. There are tons of benefits to enrolling in an online education program.”

Unsure about learning completely online? WPU also offers hybrid courses for adults who may want to complete coursework in the classroom. Majors include marketing, business administration, psychology, criminal justice, and more.

William Peace University intends to provide the best educational resources to those in the research triangle and beyond. Understanding education can spark a change in those willing to leap into online education.

Be sure to visit William Peace University to learn more about how to enroll in The School of Professional Studies.

Wanna learn more about William Peace University? Click here to learn more about all the different majors and degrees that WPU has to offer.

For more information on online education degrees, click here.

William Peace University

15 East Peace Street

United States

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